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Clariant´s Group Biotechnolgy Center revolves entirely around industrial biotechnology. Focus is on progress and innovation based on the sustainable use of renewable resources.

Fossil resources are becoming scarcer and prices are rising. Politicians worldwide have set high targets in terms of environmental and climate protection. But: 95% of all industrially manufactured goods currently depend on the availability of oil. What does this mean? Only by developing sustainable solutions based on renewable resources can we reduce dependence on oil and at the same time assume responsibility for our environment and our fellow beings.

Clariant´s Group Biotechnology has set itself this goal – efficient and sparing use of natural resources in order to create more quality of life for humans and the environment. We see sustainability as all-embracing – ecological, economical und social.


Our scientists make use of both their biotechnological expertise and the many years of experience in the chemical industry. Building on our 4 technology platforms catalysis, process technology, chemistry & materials and biotechnology, we can offer our customers one-stop system solutions for sustainable resources. 


Dr. Martin Vollmer

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    • Sunliquid®

      Agricultural residues efficiently converted into cellulosic ethanol – think ahead, think sunliquid®. more

  • Our technologies and products

    We create solutions for biocatalysis and biorefining.

    Our innovative focus is on energy and resource-efficient development and production of bio-based chemicals and fuels.

    Biorefineries process biomass to produce a wide variety of products. The biorefinery concept promotes sustainable and high-value use of biomass. Using optimised biocatalysts, renewable feedstock undergoes selective and high-yield conversion into products such as fuel or basic chemicals.

    We develop highly-specific biocatalysts based on biotechnological processes. These enzymes are highly optimized to the required process and reaction conditions. Using our in-house high-throughput screening unit, we can also carry out fast and efficient selection of suitable organisms, as well as quickly optimizing strains in line with new application requirements. Initial upscaling takes place in the pilot plant at our Munich-based research centre.

    We have a major strategic interest in developing such commercially competitive system solutions. By combining our core competencies of biocatalytic biomass conversion, chemistry & process technology, we generate innovative and profitable processes for manufacturing higher-quality products and by-products.

    In recent years, we have for instance developed our sunliquid® process to produce cellulosic ethanol from renewable lignocellulosic feedstock, such as agricultural residue. This innovative and efficient process makes it possible to produce cellulosic ethanol with low CO2 emission levels (approx. 5 - 10% compared with fossil fuel) and creates no competition for food and feed resources. Find out more about our Sunliquid® process!

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  • October 28, 2016

    sunliquid® shortlisted for the European Business Award for the Environment

    Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, was recognized as one of the leading companies in eco-innovation for its sunliquid technology for the production of cellulosic ethanol from agricultural residues as part of the European Business Award for the Environment (EBAE). As winner of the 2015 German Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment (IKU), Clariant was eligible for this European Award,that recognizes pioneers at the forefront of eco-innovation. From a total of 148 finalistst from 21 countries an independent high-profile jury nominated 23 short-listed companies for six awards. Sunliquid is rated among the top 4 companies competing in the category process. more

    May 17, 2016

    Scania trucks use second generation ethanol manufactured with Clariant's sunliquid® technology

    São Paulo, May 17, 2016 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, and Scania, one of the world's top heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers, are celebrating the results and the opportunities generated by the partnership established last year, which involved an investment in sustainable technologies for cargo transportation. more

    April 19, 2016

    Clariant concludes extensive testing on sugarcane residues with excellent results

    Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, has conducted comprehensive tests on over 40 containers of sugarcane bagasse and tops & leaves from Brazil at its pilot and pre-commercial facilities in Straubing, Germany to receive in-depth technical and economic validation of the sunliquid® technology. With the tests Clariant confirmed once more that the total cost per liter of cellulosic ethanol including feedstock, conversion and depreciation using the sunliquid technology can achieve price competitiveness with sugarcane ethanol pricing in Brazil. more

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