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  • Antifrogen

    Antifrogen® products are versatile heat transfer fluids based on glycols (Antifrogen® N, Antifrogen® L and Antifrogen® SOL HT) and/or potassium formate (Antifrogen® KF). more

  • Desiccant Canisters

    Protection against Moisture and Oxygen more

  • ED Pigments

    On the road to eco-friendliness, we tend to take those things for granted that cross our path every day. Take road markings, for example. We’ve become so accustomed to having them point us in the right direction—and keep us safe—that we only miss them when they are not there. To prevent millions of tons of paints and pigments from being needed to demarcate lanes, how can we produce paints sustainably when the demand is so high? more

  • EDW Pigments

    A new series of organic pigments. more

  • EnviCat®

    Reducing a climate killer. more

  • Exolit® OP

    Tailor-made flame retardant solutions. more

  • GlucoPure

    A day in the life of a swamped kitchen in Germany's cultural capital Berlin. Eating out is one of life’s great pleasures. But most of us have never been behind the scenes and seen what it’s really like to work in a professional kitchen. What goes into every plate before it hits the table, what standards must be met – and what do kitchen professionals expect and require from the cleaning products they use? more

  • GlucoTain®

    It is about time to give your hair and skin something back. Whether it’s the heat, cold, stress or UV-rays, our skin and hair are tasked daily with the most demanding job in the world: protecting us from daily cleansing routines and countless environment stressors. It’s therefore essential that we keep them in top form with effective products that are simultaneously gentle and mild. It’s the only way we can equip our skin and hair with the care it needs to care for us each and every day. more

  • Hostafrac™ SF Product Line

    For more sustainable and efficient hydraulic fracturing more

  • Floticor® PA 8000

    Sustainable Processing of Iron Ore. more

  • LE Technology

    The planet is changing and there’s no denying that our bad habits have made their contribution. But there is a way we can activate our environmental responsibility again: Innovative technologies can reduce emissions. New materials can conserve scarce resources. And central to all this is the will, not only to demand sustainability, but to create it. more

  • Phasetreat®

    Efficient and safe production of heavy oil. more

  • Plantasens® Olive Active HP

    Skin’s natural aging process cannot be stopped – but Plantasens® Olive Active HP can help slow it down significantly Over time the layers of our skin are affected by oxygen and UV rays. The epidermis becomes thinner and rough, the dermis loses its structure and resilience. Naturally, the skin is protected by a lipidic film. However, this is subject to oxidative stress. In a chain reaction, an excess of free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) attack the lipids on the skin’s surface and the cell membrane of both layers. These processes of lipid peroxidation and glycation trigger a vicious circle of aging. more

  • ReforMax® & AmoMax®

    Produce fertilizers more efficiently. more

  • Sunliquid®

    A well-known dilemma for alternative energy: Growing crops for food or for fuel? In the face of climate change and dwindling reserves of fossil fuels, the search is on for environment friendly alternatives. Automotive sector consumes around 50% of the world’s crude oil production. Already existing biofuels rise the discussion concerning food or fuel resp. competition for arable land. more

  • Synergen OS®

    Sustainably safeguarding world food supplies. more

  • Tonsil®

    Removal of undesired substances and impurities in edible oils with Tonsil. more

  • Toxisorb® Premium

    Toxisorb® Premium - Fighting dangerous mycotoxins in animal feed Millions of farm animals need uncountable tons of dry feed every year. Huge amounts have to be stored and transported to ensure a perennial supply and are, therefore, exposed to fungal attack. These globally-found fungi grow on grain and crops and can form poisonous Mycotoxins. Since it is economically not feasible to prevent the contamination, not only animal but also human health is affected via animal products like milk, eggs or meat. Nearly a quarter of production worldwide is affected. Depending on the contamination level, fatal health effects and enormous economic losses may by caused. more

  • Velsan® SC

    Fewer preservatives, same skin protection. more

  • Zeolite Catalyst Technology

    Enables cleaner cement production more

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