Innovation Spotlight Videos

  • Cesa® Antimosquito Masterbatch

    The CESA® antimosquito masterbatch enables the production of Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets that keep their functionality for more than five years and 30 washings for an optimal long-term protection against malaria. more

  • Prelect®

    PRELECT® TPS Nano Silver Conductive Inks allow the direct printing of conductive patterns for electronic devices on almost any surface – including 3D substrates – in an easy, fast and environmentally compatible process. more

  • TexCare Polymers

    Form a protective film during washing that keeps clothes clean and white more

  • Hostafrac™ SF Product Line

    For more sustainable and efficient hydraulic fracturing more

  • Zeolite Catalyst Technology

    Enables cleaner cement production more

  • Plantasens® Olive Active HP

    Skin’s natural aging process cannot be stopped – but Plantasens® Olive Active HP can help slow it down significantly Over time the layers of our skin are affected by oxygen and UV rays. The epidermis becomes thinner and rough, the dermis loses its structure and resilience. Naturally, the skin is protected by a lipidic film. However, this is subject to oxidative stress. In a chain reaction, an excess of free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) attack the lipids on the skin’s surface and the cell membrane of both layers. These processes of lipid peroxidation and glycation trigger a vicious circle of aging. more

  • Desiccant Canisters

    Protection against moisture and oxygen more

  • Tonsil®

    Removing undesired substances and impurities in edible oils more

  • Phasetreat®

    Efficient and safe production of heavy oil more

  • Floticor® PA 8000

    Sustainable processing of iron ore more

  • Synergen OS®

    Sustainably safeguarding world food supplies more

  • ReforMax® and AmoMax®

    Produce fertilizers more efficiently more

  • sunliquid®

    Convert agricultural residues into biofuel more

  • EnviCat®

    Reducing harmful emissions more

  • Exolit® OP

    Tailor-made flame retardant solutions more

  • Velsan® SC

    Fewer preservatives, same skin protection more

  • EDW Pigments

    Simplifying the paint manufacturing process more

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