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Since the invention of Chinese woodblocks and Gutenberg’s letterpress, printing has gone through many evolutions that are moving particularly fast today. With our waxes for printing inks, we help formulators to keep pace with these changes and deliver outstanding results.

We offer high-performing wax additives for all main ink-printing techniques, capable of extending the long-lived beauty of printings done with offset printing ink as well as gravure ink and flexographic ink. With our extensive Ceridust® range and tailored preparations from our Licowax® and Licocene® lines, we help to improve the rub resistance and other key properties of printed products. When the aim is to additionally protect printed substrates with an overprint varnish (OPV), our wax platform offers a variety of solutions for enhancing the strength and toughness of such finishes.

Additives that can subtract costs and are compatible with all major formulation types

Our renewable-based waxes can help manufacturers save up to 10% on wax additive content in offset platform and up to 50% in gravure and flexo platform compared to conventional PE/FT waxes.

We provide additives for all common formulation types, from water- and solvent-based systems to UV-curable inks. Our micronized PE wax Ceridust® 3620 can impart good scratch resistance and slip to all solvent-based systems, while our hydrocarbon wax Ceridust® 2020 is especially suited for improving scratch and rub resistance in solvent-based gravure and flexo inks. For the frequent issue of pilling in offset applications, our metallocene-based PE wax Ceridust® 3610 offers an excellent solution.

If you are interested in giving your printing inks a more sustainable footprint, you should also check out our Ceridust® 1041 and Ceridust® 1060, which are based on a renewable raw materials platform of rice bran waxes. They help to lower the coefficient of friction and protect printed products against mechanical stress.

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Graphics showing Ceridust® reduces color difference and improves rub resistance better than other waxes in various printing inks.
Graphics showing Ceridust® reduces color difference and improves rub resistance better than other waxes in various printing inks.
Graphics showing Ceridust® reduces color difference and improves rub resistance better than other waxes in various printing inks.
Three good reasons for choosing Clariant



Better cost-performance ratio due to the lower additive concentrations made possible by our products


Enables excellent rub resistance of printing results and effective adjustment of slip properties, ranging from low to high coefficient of friction (CoF)


Improved eco-footprints with no compromise on performance or even outstanding performance results, e.g. with our PTFE-free solutions

Performance and sustainability


up to
Less additive needed
to achieve the same performance and results
up to
Renewable content
distinguishing our »green« wax solutions
Non-food competing
rice bran waxes with high sustainability


  • Ceridust® 1041 TP VITA

    Ceridust 1041 TP VITA is a micronized polar modified wax based on renewable resource.

  • Ceridust® 1060 VITA

    New micronized product based on renewable feedstock.This modified natural wax is a sustainable solution offering high performance. It is easy dispersible in water and solvent-based wood coatings and shows excellent matting, as well as slip and scratch resistance properties. Furthermore, it gives wood a smooth, pleasant soft touch feel. Used in powder coatings, Ceridust 1060 VITA provides excellent pigment dispersion for bright colors. The modified natural wax furthermore acts as a processing and degassing aid and improves the surface protection. Due to the low melting point and low melt viscosity this additive is also an excellent option for low-temperature curing systems.Ceridust 1060 VITA has been awarded with an EcoTain label resulting from its sustainability advantages and exceeding market standards.

  • Ceridust® 3030 TP

    Micronized additive made from metallocene based high density polyethylene wax. Ceridust 3030 TP is suitable for all kinds of printing inks and is especially recommended for pasty or solvent based systems. It creates excellent rub resistance and slip effect while keeping a high gloss level. The narrow and fine particles can furthermore prevent pilling on rubber blankets.It is furthermore an excellent additive for liquid coatings and especially recommended for solvent based systems or UV curing formulations. Used in liquid coatings like e.g. for packaging applications, Ceridust 3030 TP creates excellent scratch resistance, slip effect and protection of the finished good.

  • Ceridust® 3620

    Micronized polyethylene wax which is recommended for solvent based coatings and inks as well as for powder coating application. Ceridust 3620 is also a fine particle dispersing agent recommended for polyolefin, like LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE.Ceridust 3620 is an excellent rub and scratch resistance additive for all kind of printing inks. It can be used as an additive for powder coatings to increase the output during extrusion process, to improve the flowability of the powder, and to enhance slip properties and scratch resistance. As dispersing agent in polyolefins matrices, Ceridust 3620 enhances and stabilizes pigment dispersion, prevent re-agglomeration, and improves color strength.

  • Ceridust® 3715

    Micronized, polar modified polyethylene wax recommended for solvent and water-based coatings and inks. Ceridust 3715 delivers excellent matting effect, slip property, pleasant touch feel and good clarity for wood coatings. It is an excellent rub and scratch resistance additive for all kind of printing inks.

  • Ceridust® 8330

    Renewable polymer/wax compound suitable for both water and solvent based coatings and inks.Ceridust 8330 is a revolutionary, predominantly bio-based additive for all kind of printing inks with a mean particle size diameter of approximately 5.5 μm. Its mix of flexible yet tough polymeric characteristics makes it a powerful rub resistance additive for all types of ink systems. It is easy dispersible in water and solvent-based system with superior rub resistance properties versus conventional wax-based products. The outstanding rub resistance of Ceridust 8330 can even enable the substitution or reduction of PTFE in ink and coting systems.By this differentiated biopolymer-based micronized wax, wax dosage reduction of 30 % – 50 % is possible in gravure and flexographic inks to achieve the same rub resistance performance.

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