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Plastic packaging is one of the 20th century’s most important inventions: it’s highly recyclable, consumes less water and energy than paper and other materials, and is a safe way to deliver products while preserving their quality. Yet it's also an irrefutable fact that plastic packaging is a major cause of global littering, threatening the future of marine life and the entire ecosystem. The market is being forced to reassess what happens at the end of the product’s life, and to develop sustainable solutions to dispose of, or reuse, packaging post-consumption. So what are the main challenges facing manufacturers today in the drive to create sustainable packaging that still meets the quality demands of the end-consumer?

Clariant’s commitment to sustainable packaging

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The main challenge facing manufacturers arises at the very beginning of the production process. The raw materials used to produce plastic are primarily crude oil, natural gas, and coal. During the production process, it takes a lot of energy to turn them into plastic. The other main challenge comes at the end of a plastic item’s life: how to dispose of it. Whether it is burned, put into landfills, or recycled, the process consumes energy and natural resources, once again contributing to its carbon footprint. This is reflected in the public’s perception of the material as a one-use, throwaway product, with little post-consumption value. Littering is a global problem that is causing unprecedented damage to the world’s eco system.

Our vision for sustainable packaging solutions

We offer products that are specially designed to increase plastic recycling capabilities. The quality and color identity of PCR, for example, can be a challenge: our design center ColorWorks and our color lab network use product lines to mitigate the impact of PCR, offering solutions to maintain a high level of consistency and brand recognition. Another solution, offered by our oxygen scavenger technology, CESA®-ProTect, one of our CESA® additives, offers optimum results in terms of the performance, transparency, compatibility, processability, and recyclability of plastics and polymer materials.

Reusing products can be achieved in the production process by adding basic precautions to improve durability of final goods and ensure that products can survive for longer. Our solutions can help with the right combination of CESA® additives to ensure that colors and additives used in the packaging remain stable throughout the entire lifetime of the product, preventing discoloration, scratching, stress cracking, and brittleness. This solution entails a necessary change in public perception in terms of the reuse of plastic products, to reduce the littering that is threatening the ecosystem of our planet.

We offer 20 years of experience in manufacturing masterbatches suitable for compostability and certified by a qualified institute (TÜV). Biopolymers such as PLA normally offer a good shelf life. We have long-term experienc in improving the aesthetics of biopolymers, and we have developed a wide range of vibrant colors that heop preserve and enhance brand identity, while meeting the stringent parameters to successfully pass the test for compostability.

Bio-based polymers offer the best contribution to the reduction of the carbon footprint. We have under development a product range where the active ingredients are based on products that do not come from limited fossil resources. Our RENOL® and CESA® product ranges of colors and additives have been designed with sustainability in mind: these are entirely based on natural resources, are stable at processing conditions, and can be normally used to meet durability and performance. Shelf life can be increased by treating the bio-based polymer like regular resins, reducing O2 permeation with CESA®-ProTect technology.

Plastic packaging: safe, flexible, and recyclable

Plastic packaging is so flexible that it can be molded into a wide variety of shapes. Plastic keeps food fresh during transportation and helps extend shelf life, reducing wastage; it protects healthcare products from contamination, saving lives every day around the world. Modern and convenient, plastic packaging also plays a major role in enhancing brand image in consumers’ minds, increasing brand awareness and influencing future purchasing choices.

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Protection (health and welfare)
Protects food and healthcare products from contamination and keeps them hygienic

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Plastic packaging is highly recyclable, reducing environmental impact and saving costs

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Strong, light, and flexible, plastic products contribute to an easy, portable lifestyle

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Brand Identity

Product design, shape, and color differentiate and contribute to brand recognition


Consumer Care Packaging
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In today’s world where packaging needs to be not only elegant and attractive but also sustainable, more and more companies are making the switch to eco-friendly. If you want to increase your speed to market, contact us: we can help you ensure a smooth transfer of color and formulary information, and give you direct access to expert color designers.

Food & Beverage
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Is safety one of your top priorities? Our colorants, special effects and functional enhancements can help minimize food spoilage and protect contents, while also helping to limit environmental impact, reduce plastics consumption, take advantage of recycled products – and much more. From bottles and trays to caps and closures, we have the solution.

Industrial Packaging
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Cost and performance are critical elements in industrial packaging. Our solutions: solid and liquid color concentrates that offer coloration at a low cost; performance- enhancing additives that are available either alone or compounded with color; and chemical foaming agents that help reduce plastic resin and package weight, without compromising quality.

Household & Cleaning
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Is safety one of your top priorities? Our colorants, special effects and functional enhancements can help minimize food spoilage and protect contents, while also helping to limit environmental impact, reduce plastics consumption, take advantage of recycled products – and much more. From bottles and trays to caps and closures, we have the solution.


  • Grooming

    In the multi-billion-dollar men’s grooming market, packaging is a crucial tool to attract consumers and get them to choose your product. It’s all about perception. As new, agile players enter the competitive field of men’s grooming products, you need sparkling color ideas for your plastics packaging that will turn heads and say, “Choose me!” At Clariant, we understand your challenges, from color design to design for recycling. We can help you position your products at the front of consumers’ minds with winning solutions – fast. Let’s work together to design the right colors for your target demographic and create products that literally fly off the shelf. Mehr

A safe, sustainable future with recyclable packaging

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Clariant and the evolution of sustainability awareness

Sustainability issues are vital to the future ability of industry and business to meet customer and societal needs. That’s why we’re committed to protecting the most precious resource we have: our future, and the future of generations to come.

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