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Business Unit
Care Chemicals
The Business Unit Care Chemicals consists of the business segments Personal & Home Care, Crop Solutions, Industrial Applications, Base Chemicals, Oil Services and Mining Solutions. The business unit has a clear focus on highly attractive, high-margin, and low-cyclicality segments with a large share of the business being consumer-facing in Consumer Care and Industrial Applications.
Business unit
The Business Unit Catalysts includes the business segments Propylene, Specialties, Syngas & Fuels, Ethylene, Biofuels & Derivatives and Applied Catalyst Technology. The business unit contributes significantly to value creation in our customers’ operations, ensuring that finite raw materials and energy are used efficiently and, in turn, ensuring the quality and yield of processes.
Business Unit
Adsorbents & Additives
The Business Unit Adsorbents & Additives comprises the business segments Purification, Foundry & Specialties, and Cargo & Device Protection in the regions EMEA, APAC and Americas on the Adsorbents side, as well as Coatings & Adhesives, Plastics and E-Mobility & Electronics in Additives. The business unit creates value through enhanced sustainability benefits, for example by enabling material circularity and by reducing customers’ dependency on fossil resources to reduce CO2 emissions.