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The Group commits to its continuous capital distribution policy and continued success sharing with our shareholders based on improved financial performance.


On 24 June 2022, the Annual General Meeting approved the proposal of the Board of Directors of a regular distribution of CHF 0.40 per share based on the Group’s solid performance in 2021. The distribution will be made from a share capital decrease by way of a par value reduction.

The Board of Directors will set the ex-date, the record date, and the payment date. The payment of the par value reduction may likely occur on 12 September 2022. The par value reduction of CHF 0.40 per registered share will be made without deduction of the Swiss withholding tax of 35 %. For natural persons living in Switzerland and holding their Clariant shares as private assets, the par value reduction of CHF 0.40 per registered share is exempt from Swiss income tax.