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Sanodal® Deep Black MLW Gran.

Aluminum dye

Änderungsdatum :
Juli 08, 2021
Sanodal® Deep Black MLW is the original standard, used throughout the anodizing industry, for a premium quality black dye. The granular form is practically dust-free making the product more user friendly.


  • Excellent light- and weather fastness properties
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Overdyeing by a subsequent electrolytic dyeing process possible
  • Designed for many architectural needs


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Sanodal® Deep Black MLW Gran.

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Product Data

Delivery Form   Granules 
Solubility in water
(20°C/69°F) 50 g/l
Recommended dye bath
pH 4.5
Recommended dye bath
buffer no buffer
Light fastness   >9
Single dye   -
Dye blend  


  • Outdoor
  • Indoor

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