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Polyglykol G 500

Humectant for Pigment Preparations

Änderungsdatum :
Oktober 09, 2022
Polyglykol G 500 is a very low VOC humectant for waterborne pigment preparations. Polyglykol G 500 provides lower preparation viscosities compared with conventional linear polyglycoles and has little impact on wet scrub resistance. Polyglykol G 500 retards the drying of pigment pastes and forms a soluble film of the pigment preparation. It prevents the formation of skin or lumps on the surface of the dispersion.


Polyglykol G 500 offers the following advantages:

  • lower preparation viscosities compared with conventional linear polyglycols
  • little impact on wet scrub resistance at usual charges
  • low VOC-content (< 0.1 wt%)
  • renewable share of approx. 20%
  • hazard label free
  • free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO)
  • compliant with ecolabel criteria
Chemical Name
  • 31694-55-0
  • Humectant
Chemical Type
  • Ethoxylates
  • Pigment preparation


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Polyglykol G 500

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