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Clariant service portal - the digital way to monitor your catalyst performance

Digital catalyst operation insights at the click of a button

Every day, your plant produces an abundance of data that is useful for monitoring purposes. With the right tool and expert support, sharing this data can help you to improve your operation. The result: reduced costs and increased profitability.

The Clariant Service Portal shows you how Clariant’s catalyst performs in your plant – easy and fast. It is powered by Navigance, a Clariant company and digital solution provider.

The online tool allows for frequent and secure data sharing. Clariant also provides technical support for its catalysts and guidance via the web-based interface.

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Important KPIs instantly visualized in a plant-specific, customized dashboard. Easy and clear analysis of current and historical data

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Clariant experts provide technical support: Clariant catalyst user and Clariant experts looking at the same data


Online communication replaces cumbersome email exchanges. Best possible support in troubleshooting situations


All data and expert advice in one place, also for future reference

Trouble-free access to plant operation data and to Clariant support

The Clariant Service Portal provides performance-enhancing insights directly to your plant personnel – and with highest security standards.

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Catalyst performance evaluations and lifetime projections


End-to end encrypted storage of all data

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Individual user accounts for your team members to access data

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Log-in from anywhere on your device of choice

An easy-to-use web-based interface

The customized dashboard gives quick access to all data and functionalities.

  • See important information regarding your plant operation at one glance
  • See latest reports, comments, and advice from Clariant experts
  • View your data in different time resolutions: from raw data to daily aggregated data
  • Add comments to your data to preserve important details pertinent to future users
  • Gain further valuable insights by using statistical views
  • Access Clariant’s expert support directly; interact by sending comments

Protecting your data is our first priority

The Clariant Service Portal is a more secure way to transfer sensitive process data than email. Your data is protected by a multi-layer security concept.

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Role and account-based access control (RBAC)
Access to any data is only possible when it has been explicitly granted to a user

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Process data is stored in a database separate from any customer-specific information


Advanced Encryption Standards (AES)
AES-256 is certified and used by governments, banks, and other sensitive sectors


24/7 threat monitoring
Threats are continuously monitored and eliminated on detection