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Feed Additives

Naturally detoxified feedstuff, shaped by one all-round solution: TOXISORB™

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According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, 25% of feed worldwide is contaminated with different mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins are poisonous compounds which are formed by various mold fungi belonging to the species of Aspergillus, Penicillium and Fusarium. These globally found fungi grow on grain and crops and can occur either before/after harvest, during storage, on/in the food itself often under warm, damp and humid conditions.

Most common Mycotoxins

 AFLATOXIN Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) most toxic and most prevalent  
Mold fungi   Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus parasiticu
Properties  Toxic, cancerogenic, hepatotoxic
Animal sensitivity  High: Poultry, Swine, Ruminants
Typical symptoms  Growth reduction, low immunity, increased mortality
Occurrence on crops  Maize, wheat, barley, oats, soy, rice

Maize, wheat, barley, oats, soy, rice
Maize, wheat, barley, oats, soy, rice
ZEARALENONE Zearalenone (ZEA) is a typical Fusarium toxin  
Mold fungi  Fusarium graminearum, Fusarium culmorum
Properties Estrogenic
Animal sensitivity

Moderate: Poultry

Medium: Ruminant

High: Swine 

Typical symptoms Decreased fertility, enlarged uterus, abortion
Occurrence on crops Maize, wheat, barley, soy, rice
OCHRATOXIN Ochratoxin A (OTA) most prevalent  
Mold fungi  Aspergillus ochraceus, Penicillium verrucosum
Properties Toxic, cancerogenic, nephrotoxic
Animal sensitivity

Moderate: Ruminants
Medium: Poultry, Swine

Typical symptoms Reduced growth, feed refusal, liver and kidney damages
Occurrence on crops Maize, wheat, barley, oats, soy, rice
T-2 TOXIN T-2 Toxin is a Type A Trichotecene 
Mold fungi  Fusarium culmorum, Fusarium tricinctum
Properties Toxic
Animal sensitivity

Medium: Swine, Ruminant
High: Poultry

Typical symptoms Digestive disorders, diarrhea
Occurrence on crops Maize, wheat, barley, oats, soy, rice
FUMONISIN Fumonisin B1 (FUN) most prevalent 
Mold fungi  Fusarium proliferatum, Fusarium verticilloides
Properties Cancerogenic
Animal sensitivity

Moderate: Poultry, Ruminant
Medium: Swine

Typical symptoms Feed refusal, pulmonary edema
Occurrence on crops Maize, rice
DEOXYNIVALENOL Deoxynivalenol (DON) is a Type B Trichotecene
Mold fungi  Fusarium graminearum, Fusarium culmorum
Properties Toxic
Animal sensitivity

Moderate: Poultry
High: Swine, Ruminant

Typical symptoms Vomiting, feed refusal, weight loss
Occurrence on crops Maize, wheat, barley, oats, soy, rice
ERGOT Ergotamin (Ergot Alkaloid) most prevalent 
Mold fungi  Claviceps purpurea
Properties Harmful
Animal sensitivity Moderate: Poultry, Swine, Ruminant
Typical symptoms Agalactia, feed refusal, reduced weight gain
Occurrence on crops

Wheat, barley, oats



Clariant TOXISORB™ product line is a range of specially developed feed additives that help bind fungal mycotoxins and help prevent them from being resorbed into animals bodies, where they may produce damaging effects. FIXAT™ Optimum is a product which can significantly reduce the threat of poisonous Aflatoxins in feed.


Benefits of TOXISORB™:

  • TOXISORB™ products are able to bind a large array of mycotoxins due to their vast surface area as well as the high quality of raw materials used.
  • High stability of TOXISORB™ products helps to prevent the release of already bound toxins during the complex processes inside the animal (temperature changes, pH changes etc.)
  • TOXISORB™ products are targeting only the mycotoxins, without affecting feed nutrients.


Benefits of FIXAT™ Optimum:

  • FIXAT™ Optimum is a cost-efficient product protecting against poisonous Aflatoxins
  • The metabolism-friendly product prevents organ diseases and helps animals to overcome mycotoxin effects
  • FIXAT™ Optimum ensures a optimized shelf life of the feed and yield
FIXAT™ Optimum

TOXISORB™ solutions are suitable for:


         POULTRY                       RUMINANT                     SWINE                         AQUAWORLD          

     Clariant Image Poultry Toxisorb Feed Additives 092020             shutterstock_535013467          Clariant Image Swine Toxisorb Feed Additives 092020           Clariant Image Fish Toxisorb Feed Additives 092020


From the mining pit to the packaging department, every production step in Clariant is permanently monitored to ensure product quality and safety.

This production process and the corresponding quality and safety management are covered by HACCP and FAMI-QS certification.

A highly qualified and interdisciplinary team is responsible for:

  • Selection of the right raw materials
  • Processing the raw materials with attention to hygiene and quality
  • Controlling raw materials and finished products based on predefined parameters
  • Documentation of the entire process and measures taken to assure the desired quality
  • Ongoing development of the self-control system

Note: No mycotoxin binder claims are made in the USA, the EU or Canada

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