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EP/AW Additives

Phosphoric acid esters are effective extreme pressure/anti-wear additives, enhancing the metal working fluid or industrial gear oil by providing protection under extreme friction.

Especially when combined with Hostagliss® types, our Hordaphos® products are the perfect solution to replace chlorinated paraffins in metal working fluids.


ILEPAW Additives

Product Highlights

  • Hordaphos 145

    Hordaphos 145 is an efficient EP/AW additive with emulsification as well as corrosion inhibiting properties for ferrous metals and aluminium alloys. It is used for metal working fluids (emulsions, semi-synthetic, neat oil), rolling emulsions and fire-resistant hydraulic fluids (HFA-E). Performance depends to some extent on the amine chosen for naturalization and can be boosted by combining it with esters, especially TMP-trioleate.

  • Hostacor ITD

    Hostacor ITD is a versatile performance additive for metal working fluids and lubricants. Besides of being an effective EP/AW additive, it provides excellent corrosion protection for steel and aluminum alloys while reducing copper and cobalt leaching. Hostacor ITD is recommended for metal working fluids (emulsions, semi-synthetic neat oil), rolling oils & emulsions, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids (HFD, HFD-U) and gear oils.

  • Lubricant Additive 1655 N

    Lubricant Additive 1655 N is a performance package for industrial lubricants based on polyalkylene glycols. Main characteristics of gear oils containing this package are:Excellent extreme anti-wear (EP/AW) properties increasing load carrying properties and lubricity Highly improved thermo-oxidative stability Corrosion protectionIncreased life-time