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Grease Components

For industrial greases we offer specialty ingredients such as thickener for terephthalamate greases and precursers for polyurea greases.

ILGrease components

Product Highlights

  • Genamin 8 R 100 D

    Genamin 8 R 100 D is used as an intermediate for polyurea greases. Its appearance is a colourless liquid.

  • Genamin SH 100 D P

    Genamin SH 100 D is a primary amine and used as an intermediate for polyurea greases.

  • Hostagel HT 300

    The alkali and alkaline earth salts of Hostagel HT 300 are used as gel-forming agents or thickeners for the production of greases for special applications at high and low temperatures, exposure to high pressure, high and low revolutions, aggressive media, etc. The average concentration used is 10 % by weight, calculated on the liquid basestock. These so-called terephthalamate greases have relatively high drop points, very good water stability and low penetration values. Depending on the property and application of the grease, mineral oils as well as synthetic oils such as dicarboxylicacid esters, silicones/siloxanes, polyalkylene glycols, polyalphaolefines, alkyl benzenes and polyalkylene ethers can be used as basestocks.