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Clariant has launched in 2017 a new business unit dedicated to cosmetic active ingredients for skin care and hair care products: Clariant Active Ingredients.

Because the cosmetic industry always requires new innovative ingredients for their formulations, and because consumers are turning more and more to natural products, Clariant Active Ingredients proposes a wide range of natural active ingredients that respond to the emerging trends in customers’ needs and customers’ habits.


Natural actives
that respect environment

For Clariant Active Ingredients, respect of the environment is serious matter and we source our products in a sustainable way. As an example, Eosidin is produced with unripe Citrus unshiu that are pruned by farmers of Jeju Island when still immature to boost the tree growth. A significant part of this production is traditionally normally destroyed but now with Eosidin, Clariant Active Ingredients utilizes a part of these waste offering the farmers additional value for their production.

Also, our portfolio includes a large part of Cosmos approved products. This label certifies that the ingredients come from plants cultivated and collected in an environmentally-friendly and responsible way.


Active ingredients
From powerful origins

Clariant Active Ingredients offers active ingredients whose effectiveness is proved by several in-vitro, ex-vivo and clinical tests. Our company provides robust and complete scientific dossiers for its range of products and a number of its natural plant actives have been used over centuries in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ayurveda and other traditional uses in Asia and the Americas.

A wide offer of solutions

Our skin faces abundant challenges – from environmental influences such as pollution to natural dermatological conditions such as oiliness or dryness. With a wide range of active ingredients, Clariant Active Ingredients offers innovative answers for the big challenges in cosmetics:


The purpose of anti-aging active ingredients is to improve the appearance of the skin by fighting signs of aging, such as wrinkles or pigmentation. By stimulating the synthesis of extracellular matrix components, decreasing wrinkles and fine lines, and reducing the loss of firmness, the skin’s youth is restored. They also lighten the tone for a light complexion. Clariant Active Ingredients offers a wide range of actives that visibly reduce the signs of aging. Amongst them are AkebiSol™, Dongbaek Oil, Fuligo™LotuStem™ or HerbEx Korean Ginseng Extract.

Environment Protection

The skin is exposed to daily environmental aggressions such as sunlight, indoor and outdoor pollution, that will damage its cells and lead to a poor skin quality with the time passing by. Clariant Active Ingredients offers innovative ingredients that will support the skin cells in building their own defense and counteract signs of environmental and UV-induced damages to the skin. Amongst these active ingredients are Eosidin™ and RedSnow™ that protect the skin against indoor and outdoor pollution, BioDTox™ that supports the detoxification process, and B-Circadin™ and Varrier™ to protect the cells’ circadian rhythm.

Hair Care

Hair care active ingredients nourish damaged hair, help prevent hair loss, and improve scalp condition. Clariant Active Ingredients offer product such as EMortal™ Pep and Dongbaek Oil that protects and restores the hair, to keep it in good condition. AppleStem, restores the scalp for healthier hair.


Melanin is responsible for skin pigmentation. In case of skin disorders, its production can be altered and hyperpigmentation may occur. This leads to the appearance of dark spots and leads to an uneven tone.

Clariant Active Ingredients proposes a range of natural actives such as Alpha-Melight™, HodVital™ or MadeWhite that effectively reduce the production of melanin by melanocytes, to recover an even tone and lightened complexion.


Moisturizing active ingredients help restore the hydration balance of the skin. A loss in hydration can impair the skin’s natural barrier function, leading to epidermal water loss and desquamation.

To preserve skin water content, Clariant Active Ingredients offers a range of natural actives such as Cellike and Waterin that keep the skin hydrated and plumped.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterized by excessive sebum production and plugged pores. To control sebum release and prevent acne-prone skin, active ingredients for oily skin provide anti-irritation and antimicrobial properties. Skin imperfections are reduced.

Gesolza and HerbEx MagnoSoother are two products of Clariant Active Ingredients portfolio that reduce sebum production in oily-skins.

Skin Repair

These active ingredients help repair compromised stratum corneum or epidermis. They also provide relief to a skin damaged by UV radiation.

Clariant Active Ingredients proposes natural actives that can contribute to recover a strong skin to reinforce its barrier function, such as HerbEx Yeast Beta Glucan.


Slimming active ingredients are designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Thanks to firming and tightening effects, they improve the body shape.

With IsoNari, Clariant Active Ingredients proposes an active with firming and slimming properties.


When skin is irritated or stressed, feelings of discomfort, itching, and stinging occur. Soothing active ingredients decrease irritation and sensitive skin reactions.

Clariant Active Ingredients has a large range of actives, such as MultiEx BSASM™ and CalmYang™ Wax that can effectively help to calm and comfort the skin.


The uniformization of skin tone, a healthy skin complexion, and bright as well as smooth skin are characteristic features of radiant beauty and beautiful, healthy skin.

Clariant Active Ingredients proposes an active to improve skin uniformization: HerbEx Hydrangea Extract.

Our product highlights

Active Ingredients in action


The aging antidote


Natural bisabolol for skin lightening


The scalp moderator for healthier hair


Freshly detoxified skin


The circadian rhythm resynchronizer

Dongbaek Oil

The youthness shot


The hair loss preventer


The immuno-modulator for indoor pollution control


Skin redensifier from the sea


Sebum regulator beyond blemishes

HerbEx Korean Ginseng Extract

Photoprotector for well-aging


Skin tone and moisturizing controller


Skin stem cells revitalization


Dark spot remover

Multiex BSASM

Extreme skin soother


The air pollution defender against aging


Skin stem cells revitalization


Dark spot remover

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