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The science of
sustainable beauty

Actives and natural origins

With the integration of our long-term partner Beraca, Clariant offers besides high-tech actives recognized by top level awards, a full range of naturals for the cosmetic market with a positive sustainable and socioeconomic impact. Not only do we apply science to the best nature has to offer, but increasingly pay attention to how ingredients are sourced, and by whom. We are continuing and building on Beraca’s ethical sourcing commitment and close collaboration with local communities to make sure natural environments are kept conserved. It’s our mission to make a change from plant to bottle, ultimately impacting the industry sustainably.
All to enter a more beautiful world – for people and planet alike.

Explore our two portfolio sections:

Active ingredients

Clariant Image Active Ingredients 20220826

Discover our active ingredients portfolio and trend-based formulation concepts and the science behind them.


Natural origins

Clariant Image Natural Orogins 20220901

Explore our plant extracts, oils & butters and clays & exfoliants and where they have been sourced sustainably.


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