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Functional ingredients


What’s driving us? Envisioning the next benefit is about developing outstanding product features made for tomorrow’s customer needs. We are not just connected with the latest market trends and needs, but we are envisioning the next benefit ahead, emerging from new consumers or Indie brands. Our commitment is to develop more efficient technologies to fulfill the sophisticated consumer needs of hair and skin, like improved protection, enhanced performance or sophisticated conditioning and boosting solutions.

In this cluster we cover traditional and newest claims and benefits our technologies can offer to consumers. A broad spectrum of claims and innovative benefits from conditioning agents to UV sunscreen, anti-dandruff, hair repairing etc. We focus on delivering superior technologies to provide even better and visible benefits to consumers.


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Product highlights



  • Caremag D

    CareMag D, in partnership with ICL-Specialty Minerals, inhibits the production of the malodor by controlling the growth of Gram positive bacteria. Thus, CareMag D offers a long lasting effect on body odor reduction. Moreover, thanks its particular crystalline structure, it entraps a certain amount of sweat and sebum, leaving the skin dry and smooth. Being based on Magnesium salts, CareMag D supports as well the anti-stains claims.


Encapsulation technology

  • VitiSpheres®

    With Clariant’s newly developed VitiSpheres® encapsulation technology, active cosmetic substances are able to penetrate deep into the skin.


Hair conditioning agents

  • Genadvance Hydra

    Genadvance Hydra is one of Clariant’s most Nature-friendly hair care ingredients for consumers who need to take care of their hair’s everyday wear and tear. Coming from a family of natural moisturizers, it delivers a great after-feel on dry hair. Hair feels moisturized and manageable. Because of its properties, this hair conditioning agent can be also used in products for children.

  • Genadvance Life

    Genadvance Life is a hair conditioning agent that brings hair back to life. It is particularly efficient for thin and limp hair, delivering volume, shine and a breath of new life into hair. It will not make hair frizzy, can be used in many hair care formats, especially in silicone-free products, and it is very eco-friendly.

  • Genadvance Repair

    Genadvance Repair does what its name promises, making very damaged hair sleek, smooth and healthy again. It also prevents further damage much better than current damage-protecting ingredients. Genadvance Repair is probably the most weight efficient hair conditioning agent, so very economical to use

  • Plantasens Crambisol

    Plantasens Crambisol was specially designed to enrich damaged, fine hair. As a natural hair active, Crambisol penetrates through the cuticle layers and into the cortex, increasing hair thickness and improving elasticity and resistance to breakage. Especially suitable for rinse-off and leave-on products, Crambisol is recommended up to 5% in application.



  • Neutrotain DMG

    NeutroTain DMG is a renewable and versatile neutralizer for hair dyes, straighteners, aqueous gels and vegetable fatty acid soaps. This mild alkaline neutralizer is based sugar-based.


UV sunscreen

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