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What’s driving us? Envisioning a call from nature is about taking ownership of our actions and providing high-performing green technologies and inspiring solutions.

Clariant Naturals provides a new platform that makes it easier for manufacturers to find the natural ingredients they need and label their products. The platform bases its definition of »natural« on ISO 16128, a straightforward, internationally agreed standard that uses the widely accepted RCI as its main metric.

While taking this well-established ISO norm as its basic framework, Clariant goes beyond mere RCI calculation by investing in responsibly sourced solutions and developing green high-performance alternatives. They constitute the two pillars that the Naturals platform rests on: Origins and Green Performers.

The two pillars

  • Origins

    Origins combines caring for the world with providing good care for skin and hair. Explore our sustainably sourced exotic ingredients. more

  • Green performers

    Our Green ingredients enable high quality personal care formulations while caring about the environment. Learn more. more

Labelling and certifications


Natural, safe and effective for skin and hair

EcoTain® stands for the sustainability, safety and effectiveness of personal care ingredients. This means using smart processing approaches and finding ways to make ingredients work more efficiently through multi-functionality.  Learn more about our EcoTain products below.

    • Plantasens Olive LD

      Plantasens Olive LD (INCI: Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate, Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables) is a very stable natural alternative to silicone with a mimics silicone sensory profile. It is very light, non-greasy and rapidly absorbed. more

    • Plantasens Olive Squalane

      Plantasens Olive Squalane is 100% olive origin and gives a soft and conditioned skin without greasy after feel. more

    • Hostacerin SFO

      Hostacerin® SFO (INCI: Sunflower Seed Oil Sorbitol Esters) is a natural co-emulsifier based on vegetable, renewable, and GMO-free sources. Hostacerin® SFO contributes to a rich, elegant skin feel and can be used in a wide variety of skin care products, ranging from very economic products to high-end formulations. It is especially recommended for creams and including sun care formulations. more

    • Hostacerin DGI

      Hostacerin DGI (INCI: Polyglyceryl-2 Sesquiisostearate) is a polyglycerol based emulsifier with high emulsifying effect and pleasant skin feel. EO-free polyglycerol- based emulsifier with high emulsifying effects and pleasant skin feel, ECOCERT-approved, low-color. more

    • Velsan SC

      Velsan SC (INCI: Sorbitan Caprylate) is a rheology modifier, emulsifier and preservative booster in skin care products.For more details see our Innovation Spotlight video. more

    • Hostapon SG

      Hostapon SG is a mild amino acid based anionic surfactant, also is based on glycine and coconut oil. Hostapon SG gives a rich, creamy foam and contributes to skin feel. It gives excellent rinsability, especially in hard water areas which can help save water when showering. This benefits the consumer and the environment. more

    • Hostapon CGN

      Hostapon CGN is a very mild anionic surfactant based on a natural amino acid and coconut oil giving an excellent skin feel in shower gels and facial & body washes. more

    • Genagen KB

      Genagen KB is an amphoteric mild surfactant with synergistic thickening properties and good skin compatibility, especially in combination with anionic surfactants. The ingredient is highly suitable for shampoos, bubble bath products and shower gels, generally formulated in combination with other surfactants. Genagen KB helps to reduce – or can even eliminate – the need for other thickeners. Further, it provides superior foaming performance compared to Cocoamidopropyl Betaine. more

    • Perlogen SF 3000

      Perlogen SF 3000 (INCI: Aqua, Glycol Distearate, Laureth-4, Cocamidopropyl Betaine) is a cold-processable, liquid pearlizer for rinse-off products, winner of the Henkel Best Innovation Contributor Beauty Care Award 2017. It delivers excellent silky shine to shampoos at low use concentrations due to a special manufacturing process. more

    • Velsan SC

      Velsan SC (INCI: Sorbitan Caprylate) is a rheology modifier, emulsifier and preservative booster in skin care products.For more details see our Innovation Spotlight video. more

    • Velsan AS

      Velsan AS (INCI: p-Anisic Acid) is a multifunctional ingredient for skin and hair care products. more

    • Nipaguard SCE

      Nipaguard SCE is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent comprised of a synergistic blend of benzoic acid in Velsan SC (INCI: Sorbitan Caprylate) and propanediol. The product exhibits microbial activity against a wide range of bacteria, yeast and molds. Nipaguard SCE is Ecocert certified, which makes it ideal for preservation of cosmetic products with “natural”claims. more

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