Green performers


While Origins gives access to the world’s ancient natural heritage, our Green Performers provide a powerful antidote to the myth that natural means less sophisticated in terms of function.

The Green Performers range is composed by more than 50 ingredients that offers substantiated sustainable technologies for key building blocks of cosmetic formulations. Our ambition is to continue developing and expanding these green technologies so formulators can create cosmetics with even higher RCIs – and no compromise in performance.

Product Group
Our Natural solution
Bio-based surfactants Glucotain range
Emollients Plantasens
Emulsifiers Plantasens & Hostacerin
Hair Conditioners Genadvance Hydra
Pearlizers Perlogen SF
Preservatives Nipaguard SC range
Preservative boosters Velsan SC, Velsan FlexVelsan CGE
Rheology modifiers Plantasens Biogum Tara
Silicone alternatives Olive LD

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