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Breaking News: Clariant Masterbatches is now part of PolyOne! And together, these two global leaders will unite under a new name – Avient.

This is a time where the world craves a more sustainable planet, unprecedented innovation and economic growth. This is a time where people seek strong relationships, diverse perspectives and an opportunity to accept the most pressing challenges of today. It’s in this spirit, that these two complementary businesses have been joined into one.

Avient promises to honor the legacies of its past organizations as it seeks to build a world-class sustainable organization – together – that creates value for all stakeholders.

Together, Avient will help customers to build a better world with an expanded portfolio of polymer colorant and additive solutions. In addition, all customers will benefit from:

• expanded resources, services, development, and technical support
• faster and more comprehensive innovation
• a combined base of highly skilled R&D teams
• a broader, best-in-class solution portfolio
• improved geographic reach
• enhanced supply security

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    • Agriculture

      Clariant is a market leader in development of additive and color masterbatch solutions for agricultural film for greenhouse, crop-protection, mulch and raffia applications. Our product range includes light stabilizers, infrared (IR) absorbers, ultraviolet (UV) absorbers, antimicrobials and anti-fogging and anti-blocking additives. Colors can be chosen selective light absorption and can be combined with additives to meet customer needs precisely. Clariant can also formulate products to meet the needs of compostable agriculture selecting colorants from a broad list of Vincotte certified "OK-compost" raw materials. more

    • Consumer Goods

      Our colors and special effects will help your products stand out from the competition, while additive concentrates help improve product safety and standards compliance. more

    • Healthcare Polymer Solutions

      We actively support medical device and pharmaceutical companies in managing the risk of changes in their products. Explore our Healthcare polymer solutions. more

    • Packaging

      Plastic packaging is one of the 20th century’s most important inventions: it’s highly recyclable, consumes less water and energy than paper and other materials, and is a safe way to deliver products while preserving their quality. more

    • Fibers & Textile

      Clariant Masterbatches can add color and functionality to your synthetic fibers. Our premium additive masterbatches are adding durability, UV stability, and flame retardancy. more

    • Automotive & Transportation

      Clariant Masterbatches has been involved in the coloration of plastics for automotive and other transportation applications for more than 20 years. Learn more. more

  • Services01ColorAdditiveExpertiseGiornoI010

    Color & Additive Expertise

    To get the best results, color and additive formulations must be carefully chosen for compatibility with the polymer and a host of other factors. Clariant has a long history of creating standard masterbatches tailored to the specific requirements of almost any plastic resin or application. We create thousands of custom color and additive masterbatches every year for customers around the world, and test them against the most rigorous performance standards. The depth and breadth of our experience and expertise is why we can say that we have outstanding knowledge about adding color and performance to plastics.

    Colormatching Service

    Clariant Masterbatches has a local presence in 33 different countries and serves customers on six continents. Color specialists at our more than 50 manufacturing sites complete tens of thousands of color matches every year. This massive database of color formulas means chances are good we know exactly how to make your color… cost effectively and in conformance with REACH, food-contact approval and other local and global standards. Color management services include establishing color standards that recognize regional sources of raw materials, manufacturing practices and regulatory requirements so that you can get same great color anywhere in the world.



    Color Design (ColorWorks®)

    When it comes to the creative application of color and special effects in product design and branding, the Clariant ColorWorks® centers are an invaluable source of ideas, inspiration and technical guidance. At any of the four global ColorWorks® centers, brand managers and designers work with a dedicated team of Clariant experts to establish high-impact color concepts at the earliest stages of product development. Focusing simultaneously on aesthetics, functionality, color efficiency and project coordination, ColorWorks® helps you heighten shelf impact, differentiate brands, control costs and time-to-market, and manage color across multiple resins all around the world.

    Color Trends (ColorForward®)

    Issued annually, ColorForward® is the advanced trends-analysis program developed within Clariant ColorWorks® to help identify emerging social and cultural influences and forecast their impact on color trends in plastics. Unlike other color-trending services, ColorForward does not attempt identify the next “hot” color. Rather, the purpose of ColorForward is to inspire discussion and exploration so that product designers and marketers adapt these ideas to their own world of color.




    Delivery forms (incl. Dosing systems for Liquid MBs)

    Clariant Masterbatches is able to deliver color and additive concentrates in whatever form works best for you. We supply standard pelletized masterbatches, micro-beads or micro-granules, liquid concentrates, single pigment concentrates, salt-and-pepper blends and even pre-colored polymer compounds. Each of these options can offer cost and performance advantages, depending on the application and manufacturing environment. Clariant can assist customers in choosing between liquid color and the various solid forms. If liquids are selected, we can offer several clean, efficient and easy-to-use dosing equipment options.  

    HiFormer® is our brand new system for liquid masterbatches. We explore new and innovative dimensions in design, flexibility, and performance with brand owners and plastics processors. Read more about it below.

    Our HiFormer Brochure

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    Technical Support

    With more than 50 manufacturing plants in more than 30 different countries, Clariant Masterbatches is never far away. In fact, fully 80% of our customers are within 400 kilometers of a production plant. This solid local presence, backed by the technical and logistical resources of a truly global company, is your assurance of unparalleled technical support including on-site troubleshooting, equipment calibration, flow analysis, analytical testing and addition-rate validation. From the first inquiry, through product design and manufacturing, to the market and beyond, Clariant surrounds its customers with service. That kind of support is a big part of the reason why Clariant Masterbatches is the partner of choice for companies both large and small.



    Product Stewardship

    All Clariant Masterbatches full-service manufacturing facilities worldwide strictly adhere to twenty-six compulsory Corporate Guidelines covering the environment, safety and health. We were among the first companies in the plastics industry to establish global policies aimed at reducing and eventually eliminating the use of heavy metals and phthalate plasticizers. Clariant products help customers reduce energy consumption, limit the use of non-renewable resources, and make greater use of recycled materials. A global network of product stewardship and regulatory compliance specialists includes experts on regulations covering foods, beverages, drinking water, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, consumer goods, toys, packaging, chemical and waste management. Since 2001, Clariant has played an active role in developing industry guidelines related to the implementation of the sweeping European chemical registration initiative known as REACH. In short, with its global reach and deep interest in corporate citizenship, Clariant Masterbatches is ideally positioned to help customers in the plastics industry achieve their product stewardship goals.

    Color Management Service (provided by ColorWorks™)

    Maintaining color consistency across multiple resins sourced from different suppliers in countries around the world is a complex task that requires color-management knowledge and global resources available from Clariant Masterbatches. We can establish master color standards against which new materials may be evaluated, and distribute these color references throughout your supply chain. In addition, Clariant color experts can evaluate materials submitted by your vendors to confirm that they meet specifications. With Clariant color-management services, you are assured that the color you’ve selected will be faithfully reproduced – part after part and time after time.


    • Color Masterbatches

      Clariant brings dramatic color to plastic resins and all applications. Color that delights the eye. Color that differentiates. Color that adds value. Color that identifies form and function. Clariant products include REMAFIN® masterbatches for polyolefin polymers, RENOL® masterbatches for high-performance engineering thermoplastics, OMNICOLOR® multipurpose color concentrates, and MEVOPUR® medical-grade masterbatches for the medical industry, delivering hundreds of standard colors as well as custom formulations and color/additive combibatches. From business machines and appliances to textiles, automotive components and packaging, designers, brand managers and plastics processors rely on cutting-edge color technology and in-depth technical support through more than 50 global manufacturing sites and regional offices. more

    • Black & White Masterbatches

      Producing the purest whites and the deepest blacks for plastics can pose special challenges. These special masterbatches require high pigment concentrations and must be carefully formulated to ensure compatibility with the polymer matrix and uniform color development in the finished product. Contamination cannot be tolerated. Clariant Masterbatches has vast knowledge and experience in making these special colors and, in many cases, has dedicated entire processing plants to producing them. Strategically located around the world, these facilities are your assurance of fast delivery and the highest levels of local service. more

    • Additive Masterbatches

      CESA® additive masterbatches from Clariant offer remarkable opportunities to improve the performance of plastic products. They can prevent degradation due to heat and shear during processing as well as UV light and oxidation in the end-use environment. They can limit flammability to comply with key regulations and they can reduce product weight and resin consumption, prevent the build-up of static electricity, or make plastic surfaces easier to print or laser etch. Available in pellet, granule or liquid form, as single-function masterbatches or custom-made combibatches, CESA additive masterbatches are also easy to handle and easy to store. Very recently, many functionalities were also developed as masterbatches for the medical and pharmaceutical industry under the MEVOPUR® brand. more

    • Liquid Masterbatches

      A liquid masterbatch is a custom blend of additives and pigments dispersed in a liquid vehicle chosen in order to ensure compatibility with the end-use polymer. The decision to use liquids should be based on the specific requirements of the application and Clariant can provide excellent guidance when it comes to making the choice. Due to liquid masterbatches easy incorporation into the polymer matrix they are an excellent choice when it comes to transparent or translucent colors, parts with large wall thicknesses and customers who's operations experience multiple color changes per shift. Because liquid Masterbatches are not compounded at high temperatures and pressures, they represent a good option when heat-sensitive pigments or additives are required. Liquids can be metered with Clariant's very precise state-of-the-art dosing systems with wireless control for recipe control and inventory management. Liquid masterbatches can be formulated to improve the flow properties of the polymer, with fast filling times and shortened injection molding cycles, as well as improved extrusion throughput and low screw speeds. more

  • Our Brands

    Clariant Masterbatches markets its products under seven global brand names: 

    • REMAFIN® masterbatches for polyolefins
    • RENOL® masterbatches for polyesters, engineering resins, styrenics and PVC,
    • CESA® additive masterbatches,
    • HYDROCEROL® chemical foaming and nucleating agents,
    • OMNICOLOR® universal color masterbatches,
    • ENIGMA® special effects masterbatches,
    • MEVOPUR® masterbatches and specialty compounds for medical and pharmaceutical packaging applications and
    • HIFORMER® liquid masterbatches system
  • Sustainability

    Within the last few years, environmental consciousness among consumers and manufacturers has led to heightened interest in sustainable living practices, goods made from renewable and recyclable materials and product stewardship. Clariant has been taking a proactive role in bringing environmental responsibility to the market for colorants, special effects and additives. Instead of offering a single "eco-friendly" product or product line we approach our customers with a range of products and services that can help them reach sustainability objectives. These solutions includes all-natural color and additive masterbatches for biopolymers like PLA, conventional additives and pigments specially formulated to comply with strict compostability and ecotoxicity standards, and products that help reduce material consumption and increase the use of recycled materials, while also making the manufacturing process more efficient. And we can supply them in solid or liquid masterbatch form or as neat additives or colorants. All these choices, and the support that goes with it, bring a unique value to Clariant customers.

    Learn more about Sustainability at Clariant.

    Learn more about Product Stewardship

    • HYDROCEROL chemical foaming and nucleating agents

      Lightweight Materials

      In conventional materials or in biopolymers, foaming has the potential to reduce environmental impact. Clariant Masterbatches’ HYDROCEROL chemical foaming agents (CFAs) make it possible to cut overall resin usage and weight by 10% and sometimes more with no loss of physical or mechanical performance. For this reason, CFAs are playing an important role in foamed food trays and cups, bottles and other packaging and also in consumer products and even automobiles where lighter weight components cut manufacturing costs and help improve gas mileage. Another benefit of HYDROCEROL, of interest particularly to processors, is a reduction in the melt viscosity of the base resin. This allows for faster extrusion rates and reduced cooling time, both of which contribute to shorter cycle times and, ultimately, lower energy costs and higher productivity.

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    • Compostable Bioplastics in different new colors


      Interest in biopolymers – plastics made from corn, sugar, starch and other natural raw materials – continues to grow and Clariant has played an important role in the development of color and additive options for these materials. RENOL-natur masterbatches combine all-natural colorants with biopolymer carrier systems to provide a 100% renewable and completely biodegradable solution. Colors include red, orange yellow and green. CESA-natur masterbatches – including slip/antiblock agents, UV/light stabilizers, antioxidants and antistatic agents – also feature naturally occurring substances. More recently, Clariant introduced "OK-compost" certified masterbatches for biopolymer products and packaging. They tend to be more economical and more process- and light-stable than all-natural products.

      Download our Brochure to Learn More

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    • Masterbatches_AboutUs_02_SustainabilityRecycling_w350x197h


      Clariant Masterbatches is making it easier for customers to use more recycled material –both post-industrial and post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins. Masterbatches specially formulated for PCR resins are able to overcome the grayish cast of recycled polyolefin plastic. The bright rich colors allow products and packaging made with a high percentage of PCR compete for the consumer’s attention on store shelves. At the same time, our processing expertise allows us to help customers create multi-layer packaging that includes an internal layer of recycled material, while bright, colorful exterior layers appeal to consumers. For PET polyester, one of the most commonly recycled materials, Clariant offers CESA-extend, an additive masterbatch that overcomes degradation and resulting loss of molecular weight and restores processing and end-use properties. All these technologies are helping today’s brand-owners and processors use more recycled polymers than ever before.
    • ok_compost

      Ok-compost Certification

      RENOL-natur masterbatches combine all-natural colorants with biopolymer carrier systems to provide a 100% renewable and completely biodegradable solution.
      RENOL-compostable masterbatches incorporate conventional pigments in a biopolymer carrier resin and receive the highly desirable “OK compost" certification.
      RENOL-BL and RENOL-BA are color concentrates in a biopolymer carrier without specific certification.

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