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From small and large household appliances to electrical components, personal electronics and much more, Clariant Masterbatches helps brand owners and manufacturers boost market appeal and end-use performance. Our colors and special effects will help your product stand out from the competition, while additive concentrates like flame-retardancy and UV absorbers help to improve product safety and standards compliance.

  • Product design assistance and prototyping in six global ColorWorks centers
  • Serving leading consumer brands worldwide
  • Color and additive 'combibatches', or custom masterbatches containing color and as many as five additives, all formulated to function perfectly when combined with each different resin
  • Sustainable alternatives
  • Specialists in complying with UL, FDA, USDA, RoHS, REACH , NSF and other important regulations and standards
  • A linked network of over 50 global facilities – more than any other color and additive supplier

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  • Personal Care & Hygiene

    Consumer_goodsThe personal-care and hygiene market encompasses a diverse range of hair-care appliances, oral-care devices (were Mevopur medical grade masterbatch may be an option) shavers and razors, and many other everyday comfort and convenience products. Almost all involve plastic components that can be improved with Clariant Masterbatches products and services. Color and special-effects concentrates add flair and consumer appeal. Special compounds and additives make them more durable, safer and easier to use. Clariant products can reduce material consumption and increase the use of recycled materials or even improve the compostability of disposable. All this, together with unique design services like ColorWorks and unparalleled knowledge and experience in global regulatory and product-safety standards, make Clariant your ideal partner.

  • Major Appliances

    Rapidly changing home-fashion trends, new technologies, a strict regulatory environment and intense price pressure confront marketers of today’s washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and other major appliances. Clariant Masterbatches is your ideal partner for color that differentiates, additives that stabilize, protect and enhance performance, and chemical foaming agents (Hydrocerol) that reduce weight and resin consumption.

  • Business Machines - Computers, Communications, Consumer Electronics

    Today’s electronics products are an integral part of life in the office, in the home and on the go. Yet, the market continues to evolve and manufacturers are under intense pressure to innovate and accelerate new products to consumers. Makers of business machines, printers, phones, televisions, gaming systems and audio and video players, are constantly seeking ways to enhance their products or take advantage of emerging technologies. Clariant Masterbatches is perfectly positioned to support these efforts with design services and the latest colors and special effects for high-performance plastics like polycarbonate, PC/ABS and even biopolymers with less environmental impact. Flame retardancy (including HBCD-free and low-halogen alternatives) that meet UL94 requirements, anti-static compounds and other additive technology help to improve functionality and safety. Clariant experts are well prepared to help customers navigate the complexities of international standards and regulations like UL, WEEE and RoHS.

  • Small Household Electric Appliances & Power Tools

    High-impact colors and cutting-edge design are hugely important to the success of today’s sleek, modern electric appliances and power tools. At the same time, manufacturers also need to consider product safety and regulatory compliance – including UL, RoHS and REACH. Clariant Masterbatches excels in each of these areas, with unparalleled color matching and color management systems. Color, special-effect and additive concentrates are available free of heavy metals, halogen and other undesirable ingredients, while still maintaining the physical properties that help these products meet the appearance and durability requirements of the marketplace.

    • Floor-care products
    • Vacuum cleaners
    • Steam cleaners
    • Kitchen appliances
    • Lawn mowers
    • Powered garden and hand tools
    • Chain saws
    • Heaters
    • Garment-care appliances
  • Electrical Connectors

    When it comes to applications in electrical plugs, outlets, wall plates and automotive components, Clariant has outstanding know-how with regard to safety standards. Our masterbatches are recognized by UL, IEC, CIE and others for use in more than 200 grades of flammability-rated plastics, including high temperature resins like nylons (PA), polycarbonates (PC), polystyrenes, polyesters (PBT), ABS, liquid crystal polymers (LCP), EPTR, polysulfones, glass-reinforced compounds and natural and synthetic rubber. Color masterbatches can be specified to be heavy-metal free that can also be accompanied by non-holgenated and HBCD-free flame retardancy additives.

  • Construction

    The construction industry is extremely diverse in it applications and requirements and Clariant's diverse background and expertise provide innovative solutions to customer challenges in demanding applications like:

    • Solar panels and photovoltaic films
    • Oil & Gas Pipes for both Flexible Dynamic Risers (FDR) and Steel Catenary Risers (SCR) applications
    • Wire & cable
    • Wood/plastic composite lumber
    • Stadium seating
    • Geotextiles and artificial turf
    • Plastic tanks and piping

    Clariant Masterbatches supplies color concentrated as well as additive compounds and "combibatches" that provide UV stability for long-term product stabilities, heat stability during processing, flame retardancy (in accordance with UL94 V2) and other important performance features. Chemical foaming agents (Hydrocerol) help to reduce product weight and material consumption and thereby reduce environmental impact.

  • Lawn & Garden

    Clariant Masterbatches helps bring color, strength, durability, wear and environmental resistance, and other essential qualities to the plastics used in tools, outdoor furniture, pipes and hoses that consumers use every day. Besides making lawn & garden products more attractive and desirable, Clariant additive products also make them stronger and better able to stand up to hard use and long-term outdoor exposure.

  • Office Furniture

    Whether your designs are sleek and monochromatic or chunky and colorful, simple chairs or complete modular structures, office furniture must be ergonomically savvy while delivering the comfort and style in demand for today's office designs. Clariant can help to make your products more colorful and stylish, while our additive masterbatches and specialty engineering resins help make office furniture lightweight yet strong and tough. Our experts can assist in color selection, development of color standards, as well as management of global color palettes. Compliance with tough flame-retardancy specifications is no problem and we can assist with MBDC Cradle-to-Cradle certification.

  • Sports & Leisure

    Bold, brilliant colors make products such as in-line skates and personal water craft more exciting and appealing to consumers. However, the engineering resins often used in these products can put color matching accuracy to the ultimate test. Same-color parts processed from different plastics may need entirely different color solutions. At the same time, these products need to perform even in extreme environments of heat and cold, moisture and hydrocarbon exposure, and intense outdoor UV light. Clariant delivers all this and more in convenient, cost-effective masterbatches that are specially formulated to meet even your most demanding application requirements.

  • Toys

    Bold colors and exciting special effects can grab the child's imagination but, when it comes to designing and manufacturing plastic toys, you need the global experience and product-safety knowledge that Clariant Masterbatches brings. In 1996 long before safety mandates, Clariant banned the use of heavy-metal based pigments in children’s toys. We can guide you to solutions that comply with EN 71, the European toy-safety standard and its global equivalents as well as the new directive 2009/48/EC. And we can give you the international material controls that are indispensable when toys are designed in one country, manufactured in another and sold and used in still another. That’s why toy manufacturers around the world trust Clariant Masterbatches.

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