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We can help you create brilliant colorful solutions in textiles ranging from carpets to clothing to automotive interiors

Clariant Masterbatches has outstanding knowledge about adding color and functionality to synthetic fibers. We can help you create brilliant colorful solutions in carpets, clothing, automotive interiors, non-wovens and artificial turf. Our additive masterbatches are adding durability, UV stability, flame retardancy, antibacterial and many other performance properties.

  • Expert guidance in 10 Global Fiber Centers
  • Fully equipped textile labs
  • Exceptional color matching and counter-typing capabilities
  • Assistance with safety and environmental compliance
  • Additive solutions to enhance fiber performance
  • Global Presence – Local Support
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  • Carpet & Rugs

    textilesClariant Masterbatches has extensive experience in delivering a wide range of color and additive masterbatches and combibatches for polyolefin, polyester and nylon fibers used in commercial and residential carpets and rugs. 

    We offer quick response and tailor-made solutions for bulk continuous fiber (BCF) and heat-set cut pile, tufted and woven carpets.

    Thanks to our fully equipped Fiber Labs we can match exactly the color your need. If required we can add further functions such as UV resistance, flame retardancy, or antimicrobial efficacies. Last but not least, we can provide you with color trend insights to support you in your carpet designs.

    Product Safety and Compliance are very important to us - we are known in the market for its outstanding expertise in global and regional product-safety and environmental labels, norms and regulations.

  • Upholstery, Sportswear & Apparel

    Rugged applications like upholstery, sportswear and apparel demand added functionalities and enhancements. Clariant Masterbatches supplies additive masterbatches that deliver durability, UV stability, flame retardancy, antibacterial properties, and others on request. 

    Additionally, our an industry well-known extensive color library and comprehensive color-matching and counter-typing capabilities, makes us Clariant the ideal partner for manufacturers of synthetic fibers and textiles made of today’s advanced polymers. 

    More than 50 global manufacturing facilities and a network of ten dedicated Fiber Centers located strategically in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, provide exceptional service and technical assistance.

  • Automotive Textiles

    The automotive sector demands the highest levels of color consistency and product performance and that’s exactly what you get using Clariant Masterbatches.

    • Our expertise in the formulation assures that the high performance level in terms of durability is met.
    • Years of experience in manufacturing masterbatches for Automotive Textiles and our fiber-specific quality control capabilities are your assurance of excellent batch-to-batch consistency and reproducibility.
    • Our Lean Sigma optimized production processes are providing cost efficient production runs and continuous improvement ensuring superior required quality level.

    Color harmony across different polymers and materials in a car is an important design parameter. Clariant Masterbatches is not only supplying automotive masterbatches for Textiles, but has an intense experience in other Automotive applications as well, such as injection molding and special films. Some automotive manufacturers used this unique know-how to develop design concepts and color standards for entire car projects.

    Read more about what Masterbatches has to offer the transportation industry.

  • Non-Woven

    Clariant Masterbatches delivers a wide range of solutions for polyolefin, polyester and nylon (polyamide) fibers as well as newer polymers such as PLA and PTT.

    Understanding the high-performance demands that today’s non-woven products must meet, and the sophistication of modern spinning processes and post-treatment operations, Clariant is constantly developing new and cost-effective solutions, including both standard products and specialty masterbatches tailored to unique customer requirements.

    Our standard product line extends from single-pigment concentrates to customized color masterbatches. Performance solutions – which add features like durability, UV stability, flame retardancy, Sanitized® antibacterial and many other properties – can be delivered as additive masterbatches or together with color in a convenient “combibatch” form.

  • Technical Textiles


    Lives often depend on the performance of technical textiles like mono- and multifilament cords and cordage. Clariant understands and operates to the highest standards for color and critical additives masterbatches. Our strong expertise takes in the spinning performance of your production line for the upmost fulfillment of the physical properties of the produced multifilaments.  

    Our expert solutions ensure high resistance and tenacity in a wide range of polymers from polyolefins to polyesters up to polyamide.

  • Artificial Turf

    The artificial turf market segment keeps on undergoing rapid technological development and so are the products of Clariant Masterbatches. Our knowledge and experience in UV stabilization of polyolefins, development of color/additive “combibatch”, independent R&D and raw-material sourcing, our close cooperation with the major monofilament producers, accredited laboratories, and our worldwide presence, are just some of the advantages we offer to our customers.

    The long lifespan required for the yarns used in artificial turf is achieved by combining suitable stabilizers and compatible pigments to achieve fiber resilience, lightfastness, weather resistance and antimicrobial properties. 

    Our masterbatches are free of heavy metals and we have in-depth experience in regulatory compliance worldwide.

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