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It is extraordinary what color can do. It is equally extraordinary what your imagination can do with color. Clariant has led the industry, and continues to set standards for best practices in the development of color and additive masterbatches for plastic packaging.

Bringing life to plastics and plastics to life.

Through an unlimited choice of color, advanced-performance additives, global resources and local market understanding, Clariant propels your vision to new heights and ensures that your packaging comes to life in ways you have yet to imagine.

With more than 50 facilities worldwide, no matter where your formulation is deployed our knowledge of local supply, customs, and regulations, our global and local technical support, and our ability to deliver product in both liquid and solid form guarantee a seamless transfer of know-how and safe, efficient, and effective processing.

Clariant’s color and additive formulations are used in virtually all major plastics markets around the globe: personal and home care products, cosmetics, and food.

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  • Consumer Care Packaging

    Motiv_09_152_570x363The bold and the beautiful reign supreme.

    In a market where elegance and artistry are the dominant packaging concerns, where a global presence is needed for a consistent, worldwide project rollout, and product safety must satisfy local and global regulations, Clariant offers you seamless transfers of color and formulary information globally, focusing on all project requirements to make the undertaking successful.

    At Clariant´s ColorWorks Centers customers have the opportunity to dramatically accelerate speed to market through direct access to expert color designers who can show color and effects in bottles, caps and chip prototypes that simulate real time use.

    In addition, Clariant offers comprehensive project and portfolio management for regulatory approvals, local supply and technical assistance with color palette consistency across resins and processes.

  • Food & Beverage


    Challenges precisely met. 

    When safety requirements are one of the highest priorities, and the need to minimize food spoilage and protect contents is paramount, Clariant is your experienced partner. Key offerings to this important segment include:

    • Global presence to ensure consistent quality and reliable local supply.
    • Product Stewardship that can help to manage risks and obtain necessary regulatory approvals.
    • Utmost flexibility with masterbatches available in pellet, microgranule or liquid form.

    To help customers succeed in today’s highly competitive global economy, Clariant Masterbatches offers colorants, special effects and functional enhancements for food and beverage packaging. We also provide design and production guidance that can help:

    • Shorten time-to-market and differentiate products
    • Limit environmental impact
    • Reduce plastics consumption in packaging
    • Increase the use of renewable, degradable and compostable bio-polymers like PLA
    • Take maximum advantage of recycled materials
    • Meet local, regional and global help and safety regulations and objectives
    • Protect against counterfeiting using traceable ingredients
    • Enhance the shelf-life of package content via active or modified atmospheres packaging (MAP) additives

    Color and additive masterbatches are available as pellets, micropellets, powders or granules, and easy-to-use liquids. From PET bottles and food trays to caps and closures to polyethylene sheet and film used in flexible food packaging, Clariant has a solution … readily available from more than 50 full-service manufacturing sites around the world.

    • Organoleptic coloration for beverages: SenseAction™

      The demand for food purity is growing amongst consumers – the changing beverage market requires organoleptic pre-tested masterbatches. Clariant’s SenseAction™ combines a dedicated raw material range with a safe production process. more

    • CESA®-IR Black

      Clariant’s CESA®-IR Black masterbatches replace carbon black to make black packaging detectable during the recycling process. The polymer grade of the black packaging can now be successfully identified and the packaging directed to the relevant polymer stream. more

  • Household & Cleaning

    Motiv_10_035__3_570x363From concept development to package design to full production, Clariant Masterbatches helps household and laundry packaging stand out on crowded store shelves while also meeting cost, productivity and sustainability objectives. Color, special-effect and additives concentrates can be formulated to achieve spectacular results in polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or any other plastic resin. Easy-to-use liquid masterbatches speed color changes and can now be made with proprietary carrier to limit crew slippage in extrusion blow molding. To help meet environmental goals, Clariant can show you how to use less fossil-derived materials and increase use of recycled, renewable or compostable materials – all without compromising appearance or the physical/mechanical properties of the package.

  • Industrial Packaging

    Cost and performance are critical elements in industrial packaging and Clariant Masterbatches has solutions for these issues and more. Color concentrates in solid or liquid form give you the lowest cost of coloration . Performance-enhancing additives are available alone or compounded together with color in a convenient "combibatches", and chemical foaming agents help reduce plastic resin and package weight without compromising strength or appearance. Special formulations are available to meet customer requirements for chemical resistance.

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MB NORAM Packaging
MB NORAM Packaging
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