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CESA® ProTect Masterbatches application


Clariant’s CESA® ProTect masterbatch is one of the most powerful existing oxygen scavenger masterbatch solutions on the market today. Its exceptionally long-lasting oxygen scavenger effect maximizes plastic products' shelf life, reducing waste and guaranteeing top quality until products are used by end-consumers. This patented Clariant Masterbatch application offers optimum results in terms of the performance, transparency, compatibility, processability, and recyclability of plastics and polymer materials.

Powerful oxygen barrier serving demands of food and healthcare industries

In a world populated by over 7 billion inhabitants, the food industry is facing the growing challenge of providing nutritious food to an ever-increasing number of people, while meeting environmental standards. As products are transported around the globe to meet demand, the challenge is to minimize spoilage and the consequent creation of waste, and to guarantee top quality until products are used by end-consumers.

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Packaging made from polyester, a category of polymers, plays a fundamental role in this challenge. The CESA® ProTect masterbatch solution has been developed by Clariant Masterbatches specifically for the food and healthcare industries, and is suitable for all sensitive polyester goods. CESA® ProTect has all advantages of an oxygen barrier solution while minimizing the drawbacks of competitive products. Since no post- production activation is required, it can be used for all types of foods, including modified atmosphere packed (MAP) goods. The masterbatch application controls oxygen permeation through the sidewalls of plastic packaging, and can maintain the oxygen level inside the packaging at well below 1 ppm for an extensive number of months. Made of the same chemical nature as PET, it is also compatible with the standard recycling process of polyesters, helping to achieve environmental targets.

Functional benefits

CESA® ProTect is one of the most powerful existing oxygen scavengers available for the food and healthcare markets. It is easy to process and handle, and does not require special conditions during process or storage. The application has only a limited effect on mechanical and optical properties of the product and can be used for transparent as well as colored packaging articles.


Increased product life

Maintains O2 level at up to 1ppm, owing to oxygen scavenger effect


Easy processing & handling

No post-production activation: for all foods and healthcare products

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PET compatibility

Recycling: made of same chemical nature as PET so fully compatible

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Product clarity

Little effect on mechanical and optical properties – stays clear

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