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Optimize Your Conventional Oil and Gas Recovery

Even as engineers push the technology envelope to recover the world’s oil and gas, a significant amount is extracted using conventional recovery methods.

Clariant Oil Services technical experts have the knowledge and experience to work with you to custom-design products and services for conventional oil and gas methods that meet your specific needs. Our products and services are engineered to ensure effective integrity management solutions, as well as optimal flow and separation challenges, are met to achieve excellent production while satisfying all safety and environmental concerns.

Clariant Oil Services can assist your conventional oil and gas needs in the following areas:


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  • Maximize production Efficiency by optimizing flow levels

    Proper flow is critical to your production efficiency. Clariant Oil Services offers a variety of products and services to maintain your flow levels.

    Scale Formation

    Our products prevent scale formation and dissolve formed scales to reduce or eliminate production loss due to scale restrictions in production flowlines.

    Wax Deposition

    We offer products that modify wax crystals to prevent wax deposition. Other products prevent asphaltene destabilization and agglomeration. Clariant Oil Services also engineers products that dissolve wax and asphaltine deposits to reduce downtime due to pigging and production loss due to restrictions in production equipment.

    Foam Generation

    Clariant Oil Services offers defoamers to reduce foam generation in production systems and anti-foam agents to prevent foam generation in order to prevent carry-under and carry-over in separators.


    Emulsion Formation

    Our emulsion breakers increase oil / water separation, improve separator efficiency and reduce BS&W.

  • Integrity Management Solutions for Conventional Oil and Gas Production

    Internal corrosion of onshore and offshore facilities poses significant threats to system integrity, resulting in commercial, environmental and safety issues. Clariant Oil Services recognizes that a number of corrosion mechanisms may be present and can contribute to the damage, such as:

    • Carbon dioxide (CO2) sweet corrosion / hydrogen sulfide (H2S) sour corrosion
    • Erosion / localized pitting corrosion
    • Galvanic corrosion
    • Preferential weld corrosion
    • Microbiological influenced corrosion (MIC)
    • Under-deposit corrosion
    • Oxygen Corrosion

    Due to the complex nature of production systems, Clariant Oil Services understands that all applicable corrosion threats need to be evaluated. Additionally, it is important to ensure effective mitigation solutions are implemented and robust monitoring activities are established. Clariant Oil Services has predictive modeling capability to evaluate:

    • Sweet and sour corrosion rates
    • Flow regime and surface wetting
    • H2S scavenging efficiency

    Improving Corrosion Management Systems

    Our integrity management laboratories are constantly developing innovative chemical solutions to minimize corrosion threats using the following techniques:

    • Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR)
    • Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE)
    • Jet impingement
    • Segmented weld electrode


    • High pressure / high temperature autoclave
    • Galvanic
    • Under-deposit
    • Bacteria kill
    • Orbisphere
    • Coupons

    Understanding the corrosion threat and selecting the most appropriate mitigation method will improve integrity management programs, reduce operating costs and improve health, safety and environmental impact.

    Innovative Chemical Solutions 

    Clariant Oil Services offers a comprehensive range of chemical products and associated integrity management services that are designed to minimize corrosion. Through a program of continuous improvement, we strive to deliver best-in-class products and services that meet the most challenging production conditions and stringent environmental regulations.

  • Maximize Production Levels While Reducing Operating Costs

    Clariant Oil Services understands the importance of chemical treatment of oil and gas to maximize production and reduce operating costs. The development of multifunctional products that can be used in several applications is another way in which we create significant cost savings for oil and gas operators.

    Our production optimization chemicals and services for the conventional oil and gas industry were developed to meet the vast and evolving needs of our customers, including emulsion breaker chemicals for crude oil-and-water separation, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavengers that help create a safer work environment, wax inhibitors to eliminate the formation of wax and paraffin solids, which can decrease production, and scale inhibitors for the removal of scale solids that often slow, and sometimes completely block, the flow of oil.

    Delivery Innovative Technologies and Services

    From our award-winning demulsifier technology to our proven chemical foamer program for gas well deliquification, and from crude oil water clarification solutions to surfactant technology that is second-to-none, Clariant Oil Services is continually developing new and improved production chemicals to help increase output and reduce costs.

    flow_assurance_conventionalClariant Oil Services also performs laboratory tests and field trials to help determine the best product based upon your specific needs. When needed, we can custom-engineer a product that addresses your unique environmental characteristics and operational needs.

  • Improve separation efficiency for improved oil quality and operating cost savings

    There are a number of causes for separation difficulties resulting in poor export oil quality and costly unplanned shutdowns. These can include the formation of naphthenate and wax emulsions or the presence of foam.

    Clariant Oil Services creates a variety of products that increase the speed and efficiency of your separation processes by removing solids and improving quality. Our team of experts conducts extensive system surveys to help you select the correct product to optimize performance. We have the experience to custom engineer the selected product to your exact requirements.

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