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Addressing Deepwater Challenges Globally

The search for oil and gas continues to push drilling further offshore and into deepwater and ultra-deepwater. Operators are forced to confront a variety of new and more se​vere challenges such as:

  • Fluid Separation
  • Flow Assurance
  • Production Optimization
  • Corrosion and Integrity Management
  • High Pressure / High Temperature
  • Volatile Conditions from Pre-Salt Formation
  • Environmental and Employee Safety Issues

Clariant Oil Services’ custom chemical technologies and services are engineered and monitored for production system compatibility to help you achieve optimal performance, now and in the future.

A Leading Provider of Chemical Solutions and Services for Deepwater Markets

Clariant Oil Services treats an estimated one-third of the oil produced in the deepwater market, including some of the world’s harshest offshore regions. We maintain our leadership role through:

  • Strategically-located Technical Centers of Excellence
  • Customized Solutions and Proprietary Chemicals
  • Expert Chemists and Engineers
  • Complex Mathematical Models
  • State-of-the-Art Research and Development Facilities
  • Lean Six Sigma Methodologies
  • Joint Industry Projects and Academic Collaborations

Our custom chemical technologies are developed to adapt to the intricacies stemming from deepwater complexities. This allows us to maintain and expand our understanding of the continuing demands of deepwater drilling and production around the world.

  • Keep Your Deepwater Flowlines Flowing Efficiently

    In deepwater production systems, intense pressure and extreme temperatures can lead to the formation of hydrocarbon solids. These asphaltene, wax and hydrate formations can grow rapidly and limit and / or completely block flowlines, causing significant challenges that effect production and development. 

    Clariant Oil Services recognizes the severe flow assurance problems that may result from the harsh conditions and risks associated with offshore operations. A detailed and comprehensive analysis is therefore required to accurately evaluate your specific conditions before we tailor a solution to address your key issues.

    Successfully Delivering Specialty Technologies

    The expert chemists and engineers at Clariant Oil Services design deepwater technologies to endure the harsh subsea temperatures and provide cost-effective benefits and value. Our products undergo a rigorous program of qualification and certification to ensure appropriate compatibilities and regulations are met.

    Our customized deepwater chemical technologies are designed to help maintain proper flow and ensure that problem-free applications are delivered.

  • Integrity Management Solutions for Harsh Offshore Environments

    Internal corrosion-related damage in offshore facilities poses significant threats to system integrity resulting in commercial, environmental and safety issues. Clariant Oil Services recognizes that a range of issues may be responsible:

    • Erosion / pitting corrosion
    • Stress corrosion cracking
    • Bacterial contamination
    • Presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and iron sulfide (FeS)
    • Oxygen contamination

    Because the complexity of deepwater production systems requires challenging, and costly, monitoring and maintenance, proper management is crucial. Clariant Oil Services utilizes several types of monitoring tools to increase production and optimize treatment for each application such as:

    • Predictive software to assess corrosion risk and scaling potential
    • Water analysis
    • Scale & corrosion coupons
    • Residual analysis

    An improved integrity management program will minimize corrosion, reduce operating costs and improve health, safety and environmental impact.

    Effective Chemical Technologies

    Clariant Oil Services offers a comprehensive range of chemical products and associated integrity management services that are designed to reduce or prevent corrosion. Through a program of continuous improvement, we strive to deliver best-in-class products and services that meet the most challenging production conditions and stringent environmental regulations.

    Preventative maintenance can only enhance the life of your asset.

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    Optimize Offshore Production with Tested Proven Products

    Clariant Oil Services understands that today’s demanding offshore environment require operators to maximize their production while reducing operating costs. Rigorous laboratory testing and field trials are used to verify how well these products perform under specific system conditions.

    In addition to maximizing production, Clariant products improve your environmental profile while complying with local and global health and safety standards. We create products that solve your separation challenges and meet your exact specifications.

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    Improve Offshore Production with Specialty Separation Products

    The formation of naphthenate and wax emulsions cause separation difficulties and reduce the quality of export oil. Clariant Oil Services leverages its extensive experience in treating naphthenic crudes and fluid separation to meet your specific separation needs. Our specialty chemical technologies help you efficiently separate clean oil from water.

    Our expert service engineers help you improve the quality of your produced fluids with Clariant Oil Services water clarifier products. These high quality products boost the efficiency of your separation processes to reduce the contamination of residual oil and solids in produced water.

    Clariant Oil Services defoamers and antifoam products allow you to improve separator efficiency, increase oil and gas throughput and prevent unplanned shutdowns.

    Our experienced experts perform extensive system surveys to help you select the best product for your specific separation needs.


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