Extend the Life of Your Pipeline with an Effective Preventative Maintenance Program

Regular evaluations, effective integrity management solutions and proper monitoring are key factors of a successful pipeline preventative maintenance program. Clariant Oil Services’ innovative chemical technologies and services support your pipeline integrity management strategy.

From corrosion inhibitors and H2S scavengers to pipeline cleaners and monitoring services, we are committed to helping you extend the life of your pipeline.

  • Custom chemical solutions and expert technical support
  • Corrosion and integrity management expertise
  • Proven cleaning and hydrotesting technologies
  • Turn-key services

Meeting Regulatory Standards and Safety Compliance

Around the world, Clariant Oil Services’ local experts stay current on the ever-evolving standards and safety regulations affecting their customers.

Our specialists will also work with your pipeline operators and safety managers to customize and implement a pipeline integrity management program that meets your needs and complies with your specific guidelines, today and in the future.

Safety and the Environment are Our Top Priority

Clariant Oil Services engineers take a holistic view when designing chemical treatments. We pay close attention to detail and ensure that every aspect of your program fully complies with federal, state and company policies, from transport and storage to application and discharge.

pipeline2The Clariant Oil Services global safety program (SAfE – Safety Affects Everyone) also supports the organization’s drive to increase safety awareness, encourage proactive measures to minimize mishaps and highlight the safety-related behavior that is expected of our employees.

A Full Suite of Pipeline Technologies and Services

Let Clariant Oil Services help you reduce risks, improve flow and decrease costs. More information about our full suite of chemical technologies and services can be found here:

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  • Optimize Flow, Maximize Production

    In oil and gas production, it is crucial to ensure safe, continuous flow throughout the operational life of flowlines and pipelines. Often, however, deposits such as wax, asphaltene, hydrate, ice and sand can form reducing or completely obstructing flow, limiting oil and gas production.

    Because the industry advances at a fast pace, technological innovations can give rise to more complex production scenarios, resulting in fresh challenges requiring novel solutions. Clariant Oil Services keeps apace with these new developments by constantly creating new products and application methodologies to address flow assurance challenges. These help you maximize production, increase flow and reduce safety and environmental risks.

    Delivering Value-Added Solutions

    Clariant Oil Services has a range of chemical technologies and services that deliver solutions for your flowline and pipeline flow assurance challenges. Our focus is to provide high quality solutions that most economically optimize production and minimize the impact on the environment.


    Our experts create custom-designed technologies to maximize performance and maintain proper flow in your pipelines. Clariant Oil Services can successfully treat your pipeline flow assurance challenges with innovative products from the following ranges:

  • Effective Integrity Management Solutions for Your Pipelines

    To ensure pipelines meet or exceed their intended lifetime specification, continuous monitoring is essential to clearly diagnose problems that may be occurring. Clariant Oil Services provides state-of-the-art corrosion monitoring techniques and services to make certain that the optimum integrity management solution is delivered.

    Our expert chemists and engineers work with you during all stages of pipeline operation, taking these key areas into consideration:

    • Identification and analysis of actual and / or potential integrity-related risks that could result in failure or damage
    • Assessment of the risks and development of the most effective risk-reduction strategy available
    • Provision of the service that will deliver / support the implementation and daily management of risk-reduction activities

    Exceptional Products for Optimal Results

    Clariant Oil Services specializes in the development of tailored solutions for each individual asset. Our integrity laboratories around the world are constantly developing cutting-edge products and solutions to meet any corrosion challenge, from low shear and high shear to sweet and sour environments.


    Our corrosion engineers’ extensive knowledge and experience allow for the development of environmentally-acceptable, safe products and economical, highly-effective products and services to address your needs. Clariant Oil Services can successfully manage your system integrity challenges with products from the following product lines:

  • Pipeline Cleaning Chemicals Minimize Celan-Up Time and Optimize Results

    Clariant Oil Services’ SURFTREAT® surfactants and wetting agent technologies are specifically formulated for pipeline cleaning. These unique pipeline cleaning chemicals are a concentrated blend of dispersant and degreaser, which greatly reduces the volume required to be transported, thus reducing operating costs and increasing profitability.

    SURFTREAT pipeline cleaning chemicals are designed to:

    • Minimize clean-up time
    • Assist pipeline pigging operations
    • Allow better access to the surfaces requiring treatment as part of a combination biocide or scale removal treatment program
    • Act as a highly effective iron sulfide dispersant
    • Comply with safety and environmental regulations

    Customized Programs to Meet Your Needs

    The experts at Clariant Oil Services work directly with pipeline operators and safety managers to design and implement customized pipeline cleaning programs that meet their unique needs in the following key areas:

    • Pipeline pigging operations: maximize efficiency of smart pigs and scraper pigs to optimize in-line inspection
    • Presence of black powder and removal
    • Corrosion inhibition management programs
    • Safety and environmental regulations

    Clariant Oil Services’ pipeline management programs deliver value through turn-key pipeline cleaning services focused on reducing operating costs, enhancing pipeline cleaning efficiency and increasing pipeline productivity.

  • Pipeline Protection from the Start

    Testing the integrity of a new or refurbished pipeline prior to commissioning is critical in identifying defects or damage that could result in failure.

    The water used in a hydrotest can come from a variety of sources and may contain corrosive agents and bacteria that will negatively impact the integrity of the pipeline metallurgy. These negative effects increase when that water remains in the line for an expanded length of time. This can cause pitting damage and localized corrosion from bacteria, hydrogen sulfide corrosion and oxygen corrosion.

    Multifunctional Products that Protect Your Pipeline Equipment

    Hydrotest water should be treated with chemical inhibitors in order to protect equipment from the damaging effects of corrosion. Clariant Oil Services’ MULTITREAT products are suitable for use in a wide range of applications:

    • Oil and gas export pipelines and production facilities
    • Subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines
    • Open and closed annuli and J-tubes
    • Water injection lines
    • Vessels and storage tanks

    Custom Solutions to Meet Your Needs

    Clariant Oil Services experts will work with your engineers and safety managers to custom-design and implement a hydrotest program that meets your unique needs. Likewise, our extensive corrosion and integrity management expertise allows us to reduce environmental impact through turn-key hydrotest services.

  • Applications

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