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    • Biofuel Additives

      Biofuels are an established part of the fuel market and need specially designed products to help fulfill specifications or meet expectations. The range of Clariant products is based on the unique challenges of biofuels, supporting the cold flow behavior of different characteristics of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) like CFPP and PP as well as sedimentation within the oil samples. Clariant products help to improve B100, meeting specifications according to European Committee for Standardization (EN) and American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM). They also help to improve the handling of high saturated fatty acid methylester based FAME by lowering the pour point of those fuels. more

    • Fuel Additives

      With regional and national regulations becoming more demanding all the time you need the best additives to meet your specific situation. As a refiner you rely on meeting the environmental specifications while concentrating on the most valuable use of your raw materials. Clariant Refinery Services is dedicated to supply you with products that are dedicated to your fuel, giving you the greatest possible freedom to design the most efficient fuels with the highest sustainable operability. more

    • Pour Point Depressants

      Crude and Fuel Handling Today more

    • Refinery Process Additives

      With a long history working in oilfield application Clariant is well known for our demulsifier and corrosion inhibitors. Our extensive product knowledge and experience with mechanisms in application allowed us to develop a range of products specifically designed for the unique challenges found in refineries. more

    • Terminal Fuel Additives

      The terminal business demands the fuel additives be the best in class in their product range. They need to be able to treat a broad variety of different fuels and perform in the harsher environment of the terminals. more

  • Responsible corporate management plays a key role in helping us to run our company. Our ability to treat customers, employees, neighbors and the environment in a responsible fashion is not only ethically correct, but also strengthens our partnerships with those stakeholders upon whom our success as a company ultimately depends.
  • Safety

    We at Clariant Refinery Services believe that all accidents are avoidable and strive to cause no harm to people, the environment or the communities in which we operate. Senior management is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of health, safety and environmental protection throughout all functions within our organization.


    Clariant Refinery Services operates both global- and business-oriented documented management systems to manage all aspects of our health, safety and environmental affairs. These systems adhere to respected worldwide standards such as EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and comply with Clariant’s Corporate Guidelines, national legislation and local business practices.

    We continually improve our performance by measuring, monitoring and reviewing our environmental, safety and health activities.

    Clariant Refinery Services employs only trained and competent personnel. All roles have their health, safety and environmental competency requirements identified and each employee has a documented training plan.

    We only use sub-contractors who have suitable and sufficient HSE capabilities that comply with our standards. As a minimum, these include safe working practices for the tasks they are required to perform and that those performing the task have received sufficient training to be deemed competent.

    The systematic analysis of risk and workplace hazards is a prerequisite for our business processes. Appropriate measures are taken to manage, minimize or eliminate, and communicate the risks. Regular inspections and audits support this process. 

    Product Safety

    We assess our products for compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation before they are placed on the market. The assessment considers all stages in the supply chain, including:

    • Raw Material Procurement
    • Manufacturing
    • Transport
    • Use
    • Disposal Considerations

    Information on any hazardous properties for our products, as well as safe handling advice, is contained within material safety data sheets (MSDS) and product labels. Our MSDSs comply with the legislative requirements for the markets in which they are placed.

    Clariant Refinery Services & REACH

    Clariant Refinery can confirm that all REACH relevant phase-in-substances manufactured by Clariant in the European Union, or imported by means of a Clariant Legal Entity in the EU, were pre-registered before the deadline. Accordingly, at this stage we can confirm that all our products marketed in Europe are in full compliance with REACH requirements.

    Environmental Research Center

    At Clariant Refinery Services, we recognize our responsibility to protect the earth’s environment and understand that our long-term future depends on meeting and surpassing environmental challenges. Our in-house, GLP-compliant environmental laboratory, together with our research and development groups, are committed to ensuring that there is a ready supply of cost-effective green products and technologies that meet the needs of our clients.

  • Staying ahead of the curve

    Clariant Refinery Services strives to stay at the forefront of where the refinery markets are going. We work with the specifications councils, environmental councils and analytical groups to understand market trends and address them before they are implemented in the industry. This way we can have solutions ready for our customers when they are ready to start implementing the newest technologies. Clariant Refinery Services works closely with the Clariant Innovation organization with our own pilot plant for the development of flow improvers.

    We stay ahead of the curve on:

    • Fuel Characteristics
    • Blending Components
    • Renewable Fuels
    • Trends in Refinery Technology
    • Changes in Specifications / Legislation

    We evaluate all this data to determine which issues might be problems for our customers, often before they have begun to focus on the difficulty. We are continually inventing new solutions to help refineries optimize their processes and raw material handling so the products are already available once the customer begins to recognize the problem.

    For Clariant Refinery Services, innovation always needs to bring value to the customer. We push to innovate in all functions within our organization to be able to deliver innovation to all areas within your organization.

    By definition, it is a truly customer-focused organization that will drive innovation. Innovation is the means by which a company satisfies the unmet needs of its customers, and that is the way of Clariant Refinery Services. As the refinery industry changes, we constantly adapt, re-engineer and evolve how we innovate and how we deliver sustainable value to our customers. Essentially, excellence in innovation happens when everyone shares the passion, is engaged with the customer and when everyone is part of the team.

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  • January 15, 2013

    DODIFLOW 5603 Case Study

    The ability to meet regulations for the use of renewable energy biodiesel is becoming a more important component for refinery diesel fuel blending. More

    December 06, 2012

    Chinese High Paraffinic Gas Oil

    Depending on the type of crude oil processed n-paraffin contents of gas oil fractions can reach very high levels that can make cold flow treatment difficult. More

    December 03, 2012

    WAFI Case Study

    Due to the more challenging European legislation increasing the content of renewable energy, refiners are in the need for better additive solutions for these more complex diesel/biofuel blends. More

  • May 22, 2013

    Clariant Refinery Services is Presenting at the 2013 China Downstream Conference in Beijing

    Clariant Refinery Services is presenting at the 2013 China Downstream Conference in Beijing. Please join us for Dr. Werner Reimann’s presentation entitled, “Europe’s Journey to Modern Diesel Fuels“. Dr. Reimann, accompanied by David Zhou, will be on hand throughout the conference to take questions and discuss how Clariant Refinery Services will improve refinery and terminal performance and ensure regulatory compli more

    July 08, 2013

    IMP and Clariant Sign a Technology Alliance Agreement

    With the objective of strengthening their technological capabilities and obtaining a mutual benefit in terms of scientific knowledge, technology and innovation in the oil industry, in addition to improving business opportunities, the Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP) and Clariant Mexico S.A. in Cuernavaca, a world leader in specialty chemicals, signed a collaboration agreement for a technological alliance. more

    June 25, 2014

    Clariant Oil and Mining Services Achieves Two Years Without Lost Time Accident

    Since SAfE Week (Safety Affects Everyone) kicked off two years ago, not a single Lost Time Accident has been recorded for Oil Services, Mining Solutions, and Refinery Services! What a remarkable achievement and testament to the commitment we have as a business to the health, safety and wellbeing of our customers, neighbors and fellow associates. more

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