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Finished Fuel Additives

hero fuel additives

Additives to enhance performance like lubricity and combustion

Clariant is a leading additive supplier in the refinery field and one of the most innovative cold flow-improver-companies in the world with a broad product offering of fuel additives. Our long history of product development and reliable performance in the market gives us the experience and expertise to address today’s fuel problems with innovative solutions that push the leading edge of technology. In addition to our tailored flow improvers and PPD product solutions, we offer Lubricity Improvers, Cetane Improvers, Antistatic Additives and Cloud Point Depressants to increase production flexibility and create higher performance fuels. Our expert specialists work with you to determine the most innovative and efficient solutions possible for your project.

Clariant Lubricity Improvers DODILUBE® helps reduce mechanical wear, protects distribution injection pumps and common rail injection systems extending engine life. The DODILUBE product line is listed on the No-Harm list of BP/Aral and have pipeline approval a necessary requirement by many customers. There are different qualities available in the market, however the low treatment rates of the low resin carboxylic acid distillate are generally sufficient to reach the typically required WSD1.4 target of less than 400 μm.

As the quality of fuel feed stocks is becoming less dependable, the diesel fuel industry is striving to meet the public demand for higher performing fuels with lower emissions. Clariant Cetane Improver DODICET® is a cost-effective way to help you produce diesel fuels that burn more quickly and completely. This enhanced combustion leads to improved ignition, quicker cold starts, less smoke, lower emissions, reduced fuel consumption, and a quieter, smoother running engine.

Improvement of conductivity can be achieved in low sulfur middle distillates by using antistatic additives.

Antistatic additives:

  • improve the conductivity of low sulfur diesel and heating oil,
  • achieve stable conductivity over time, and
  • improve safety in pumping and filling/unloading operations.

Clariant can provide you with an antistatic additive DODISTAT® or with a package based on lubricity additive and antistatic additive for easier logistics.

Cloud Point (CP) is the temperature at which first crystallization is observed as a haze in a diesel fuel sample. Depending on the dosage rate of the additive, cloud points can be depressed by 1-5 K to provide refineries with increased flexibility in fuel stream management. Clariant Cloud Point Depressant can be used in combination with CFI to achieve synergistic improvements of the CFPP of the middle distillates.


Our technical experts have the experience to help you find the appropriate product and additive dosage rate for your specific fuel. Contact us for more information.