Refinery Process Additives

Optimize your refinery processes with Clariant’s wide range of refinery process additives​

With a long history working in oilfield application Clariant is well known for our demulsifier and corrosion inhibitors. Our extensive product knowledge and experience with mechanisms in application allowed us to develop a range of products specifically designed for the unique challenges found in refineries.

Our products help you optimize your refinery processes to produce better quality fuels at a lower cost. Our H2S Scavenger provides you with the most flexibility in the field for fuel temperatures at the point of additivation of your heavy fuel oil.

In addition Clariant has developed a special H2S Scavenger for the use with Bitumen. Many bitumen producers are concerned about the environment and health issues with the construction teams working with their bitumen. Clariant offers the first suitable H2S scavenger for this application. ​

  • Demulsifiers from Clariant reduce corrosion in the distillation overhead.​

    Reduce the high concentrations of corrosive salts such as NaCl, MgCl2 and CaCl2 in the crude oil entering your refinery by adding 3-10% wash water and 1-5 ppm demulsifier via the mixing valve before the electrical desalter. Clariant has a comprehensive selection of products such as DISSOLVAN® and PHASETREAT®. We also have the expert field engineers to perform the necessary tests with equipment like the Electrical Salter Simulator (EDS) to help you select the best demulsifier for your unique needs.

    Our demulsifier bases belong to the following classes:

    • Oxalkylated acid catalyzed phenol formaldehyde resins
    • Oxalkylated base catalyzed phenol formaldehyde resins
    • EO / PO – block polymers
    • Crosslinked diepoxides, high molecular weight
    • Polyamine types, usually high or very high molecular weight
    • Wetting agents, e.g., salts of sulfonic acids, ethoxylated fatty amines or succinates, etc.
    • Environmentally friendly demulsifiers

    In addition, Clariant is constantly developing new demulsifier bases and concentrates (two to three types per year). We have the worldwide distribution to deliver what you need to where you need it.

  • Control overhead corrosion with Clariant corrosion inhibitors

    Mitigate corrosion in your condensers and condensate lines with a Clariant corrosion management system. Our extensive experience and expertise allows us to select and custom design a system that combines neutralizers and film forming amines to bring overhead corrosion down to less than 5 mils (0.13 mm) per year. Clariant also provides DISSOLVAN® demulsifier to remove over 95% of the salts from crude oil at the desalter for a complete corrosion solution.

    Clariant also provides modern, sophisticated corrosion test equipment to determine and monitor corrosion levels in your overheads.

    • ​Bubble testing equipment measures low shear by connecting to a linear polarization resistance meter.
    • Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE) testing equipment measures moderate shear to provide results with greater reproducibility by obtaining CR by LPR or AC impedance.
    • HT/HP autoclave equipment works in both sweet (CO2) conditions and sour (H2S) conditions with Hastelloy 276 autoclaves. It takes both weight loss and electrochemical measurements and can handle high temperatures up to 480°F, high pressures up to 200 bar and high shear (turbulent) conditions.
  • Maintain a safe work environment and avoid costly delays created by high levels of H2S​

    Heavy hydrocarbon liquids derived from “bottom-of-the-barrel” (BoB) products like marine fuel or bitumen (asphalt) are a big part of the growing safety and environmental concerns about H2S in the petroleum industry.

    Avoid health hazards, violations of local occupational health, safety regulations and public complaints from unacceptable high H2S levels with Clariant’s H2S scavengers. Our extensive application and chemical expertise combined with our technical services help you manage your unique H2S challenges.

    Comply with the new international standard ISO 8217, effective July 1, 2012

    Clariant’s SCAVTREAT® helps you comply with strict limit of 2 ppm H2S in the liquid phase of marine fuels dictated by ISO 8217. Meeting such low concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in the hydrocarbon liquid phase often can be adjusted only by using suitable H2S Scavengers. 

    SCAVTREAT for heavy fuel oil

    SCAVTREAT H2S s​cavengers are specifically designed for high performance in the challenging environment of heavy fuel oil applications. 

    High Temperatures – SCAVTREAT performs at very high temperatures to provide injection point flexibility for the refinery.

    Rapid Reaction – SCAVTREAT reacts rapidly to allow effective injection into the system with shorter residence times.

    H2S Selective, Non-reversible Reaction – Lower treatment ratios of 1:5 to 1:10 per ppm H2S required by SCAVTREAT deliver a highly cost-effective solution.

    Effective in a Wide Range of Fuels – SCAVTREAT provides blending flexibility for fewer product rejections and shipping delays as well as reducing odor, corrosion and safety challenges.

    Oil Soluble Reaction Products – SCAVTREAT requires no expensive waste disposal.

    SCAVTREAT for Bitumen (Asphalt)

    Metal-based H2S scavenger products performs effectively at high temperatures. They are specifically designed to meet the requirements of bitumen producers without having a detrimental impact on bitumen properties.

    Oil soluble scavengers use a special hydrocarbon solvent system to provide good solubility in bitumen with high treatment efficiency even at high temperatures for a good cost to performance ratio.

    The ability of SCAVTREAT scavenger and reaction products to remain stable at very high temperatures helps prevent H2S from being released during storage or shipment.

    Cutting edge nanotechnology allows fast reaction due to high reaction surface in systems with short residence times. This allows refineries to respond quickly when optimizing their scavenger treatment program at competitive treat costs.

    Good handling properties make it easy to apply in bitumen production plants using standard injection equipment.

  • Reduce your cleaning costs with Clariant AntiFoulants

    Reducing cleaning costs in the refinery and optimizing profitability can be achieved by using an antifoulant solution which is based on a multi-component system treating all aspects of fouling in the refinery. Clariant Antifoulants are amongst others a combination of:

    • Dispersants
    • Antioxidants
    • Metal Deactivators / Coordinators
    • Corrosion Inhibitors

    Our technical service team will help you in selecting the right product combination to deliver what you need when you need it.

    • Biofuel Additives

      Biofuels are an established part of the fuel market and need specially designed products to help fulfill specifications or meet expectations. The range of Clariant products is based on the unique challenges of biofuels, supporting the cold flow behavior of different characteristics of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) like CFPP and PP as well as sedimentation within the oil samples. Clariant products help to improve B100, meeting specifications according to European Committee for Standardization (EN) and American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM). They also help to improve the handling of high saturated fatty acid methylester based FAME by lowering the pour point of those fuels. more

    • Fuel Additives

      With regional and national regulations becoming more demanding all the time you need the best additives to meet your specific situation. As a refiner you rely on meeting the environmental specifications while concentrating on the most valuable use of your raw materials. Clariant Refinery Services is dedicated to supply you with products that are dedicated to your fuel, giving you the greatest possible freedom to design the most efficient fuels with the highest sustainable operability. more

    • Refinery Process Additives

      With a long history working in oilfield application Clariant is well known for our demulsifier and corrosion inhibitors. Our extensive product knowledge and experience with mechanisms in application allowed us to develop a range of products specifically designed for the unique challenges found in refineries. more

    • Terminal Fuel Additives

      The terminal business demands the fuel additives be the best in class in their product range. They need to be able to treat a broad variety of different fuels and perform in the harsher environment of the terminals. more

    • Pour Point Depressants

      Crude and Fuel Handling Today more

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