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Brighter Colors – Brighter Life. Together, we brighten up the lives of our customers with one of the world’s most complete portfolios of organic, inorganic & anti-corrosive pigments, as well as pigment preparations, dyes & specialty materials.

Whichever industry you’re in, you need to be able to choose from the widest possible selection of colorants across the spectrum. Clariant specializes in supplying pigments, pigment preparations and dyes, as well as optical brighteners for use in coatings, plastics, printing, consumer products and other special applications.

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Colorants for Coatings

  • Automotive Coatings

    We can deliver solutions that address individual color requirements, providing vibrant and translucent colors with high-performance, and durability.

  • Architectural Coatings

    Our range of organic pigments and pigment preparations provides customers in the construction industry with exactly the tailor-made solutions they’re looking for.

  • Wood Coatings

    Preserve the natural beauty of wood: discover our individually tailored, sustainable, environmentally friendly products, including organic ED pigments.

  • Industrial Coatings

    Sustainable solutions for industrial coatings and finishes for commercial and construction vehicles, agricultural machinery and ships


Colorants for Plastics

  • Packaging

    High-performance organic pigments, polymer soluble dyes, and optical brighteners fulfill strict regulations and safety laws for packaging coloration.

  • Consumer Goods

    Whether you’re manufacturing plastics for toys, sport articles, electronics or textiles, you need sustainable solutions that meet strict safety requirements.

  • Construction

    Economical solutions for the efficient coloration of plastics used for housing and pipes in the construction sector, using less energy and saving costs.

  • E&E

    Sustainable, safe solutions to support compliance with increasingly stringent legal regulations and specific industry standards in the E&E sector.

  • Automotive

    For the coloration of plastic car parts, polymers are designed to perform. Whether it’s trim, fenders, spoilers, mirrors, or grilles – the colorant is crucial.


Colorants for Printing and Digital Printing

  • Printing for Packaging

    An attractive exterior has a great impact on selling products. We focus on optimized performance, product safety, and consumer protection.

  • Publication Inks

    For gravure, coldset and heatset offset, Clariant offer a comprehensive range of process and spot colors, quality consistency and supply reliability.

  • Inkjet

    For high color strength, transparency, brightness and fastness – our high-quality organic pigments are specially developed for inkjet applications.

  • Toner

    Clariant colorants for toner are characterized by specified and monitored triboelectric properties, high transparency, dispersibility, and compatibility.

  • Speciality Printing Applications

    Clariant offers a wide range of high-quality colorants for specialty printing applications, such as decorative lamination, currency, security, and custom wallpaper production. In fact, we have a reputation for manufacturing colorants that meet specific industry demands in terms of consistency, durability and excellent fastness properties.


Colorants for Home, Fabric and Personal Care

  • Home and Fabric Care

    Color is a key branding and differentiation instrument, acting as an important influencer on consumer purchasing choices. Clariant is a global leader in producing colorants for Home and Fabric Care.

  • Personal Care Products

    Our colorants are used in many different formulations, from soaps and shower and gels, to oral care products, to skin creams and cosmetics.


Colorants for Other Applications

  • Agrocer® - Seed Coloration

    Color is one of the most important ways for companies to brand their products and differentiate from the competition. In the agricultural industry, distinctive seed coloration helps to classify and distinguish between seed types and to avoid potentially dangerous misuse. The coloration of seeds treated with pesticides is even mandatory in most legislations. Thus, seed companies and seed coaters are increasingly looking for vibrant color options to optically differentiate their products.

  • Aluminum Finishing

    Clariant has over 100 years’ experience in producing chemicals and more than 50 years’ experience in producing dyes and colorants for finishing anodized aluminum. As well as top-class services, we provide a wide range of colorants, chemicals and tailor-made solutions for anodizing, coloring and sealing anodized aluminum, focusing on improved sustainability and energy efficiency, precision, purity and attention to detail.

  • Stationery

    Sixty-five thousand years ago, ancient artists in Spain were mixing pigments and applying them to the walls of caves to create the first known works of art. Today, painting is a great way to express yourself and to let your thoughts out, and with colors you are able to create a nicer and more colorful environment for you and your family.

  • More Applications

    We are surrounded with objects that have been manufactured to charm us, to make them stand out from the competition – and to encourage us to buy them. For the coloration needs of special applications such as viscose, leather, and latex, Clariant offers solutions that have been designed to meet specific needs while adhering to stringent regulations.


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