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Architectural Coatings

Targeted Performance

For customers in the building and construction industries, our comprehensive range of organic pigments and pigment preparations allows us to provide you with exactly the tailor-made solutions you’re looking for. Our products are noted for their very high light and weathering fastness properties and have an improved environmental profile. Based on your specific requirements, our experts will help you select the right product for water or solvent-based coating systems, and advise you on the best way to incorporate the product into paint, with its targeted performance profile, the expected color effect, and compliance with environmental regulations.

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Pigment grades for architectural coatings

We have developed a new range of organic pigments to simplify the important process of paint dispersal in paint manufacturing. These pigments can be easily incorporated into paint systems, offering efficiency as well as savings in raw materials and energy.

Our binder-free water-based pigment preparations have been developed to respond flexibility to the various needs of the decorative coatings industry.

Diverse Solutions

  • Home of pigment preparations

    Clariant’s extensive portfolio of high-performance pigment preparations (aqueous dispersions) for architectural & decorative, wood, and industrial coatings offer a secure way to help your business grow.

  • Easily dispersible pigments

    Clariant’s new range of easily dispersible and easily dispersible waterborne (ED and EDW) organic pigments simplifies the paint manufacturing process.


Discover our top products and new Pigment Solutions Finder

  • Pigments Finder

    Identify exactly the right product for your application and requirements. We offer one of the widest selections of colorants – right across the spectrum.

  • Decorative Color Trends 2022

    Our Decorative Color Trends 2022, “golden”, features a palette of 40 new shades presented in four unique color sets to create full color schemes for the home. > More



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