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Industrial Coatings

Enhanced Resistance

As a leading global manufacturer of organic pigments that we have developed specifically for use in industrial coatings applications, Clariant brings sustainable solutions to our customers. To help you find exactly the right coatings and finishes you need, we offer a complete range of colorants, from general purpose to high-performance grades, and from pigment preparations to dyes. Our broad portfolio includes solutions for diverse applications, including RAL colors for industrial coatings, resistant finishes for commercial and construction vehicles, agricultural machinery and ships, and coil, powder and radiation-cured coatings.

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Pigment grades for industrial coatings

Our organic pigments are selected to achieve demanding paint properties, ensuring resistance to environmental conditions as well as creating the desired colors, flow properties and opacity on the substrate. For each application, we can create the paint formulation that relates specifically to your requirements regarding performance and the application process, as well as to the aesthetic effect of the final results.

Diverse Solutions

  • Home of pigment preparations

    Clariant’s extensive portfolio of high-performance pigment preparations (aqueous dispersions) for architectural & decorative, wood, and industrial coatings offer a secure way to help your business grow.

  • Easily dispersible pigments

    Clariant’s new range of easily dispersible and easily dispersible waterborne (ED and EDW) organic pigments simplifies the paint manufacturing process.

  • Dyes

    High brilliancy, color strength and durability for applications including transparent and effect finishes.


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  • Hostatint™ A 100—ST

    Easy and safe to use, these colorants add a quality appeal to applications by emphasizing the visibility of a substrate.

  • Hostatint™ SI

    The diversity of industrial coating bases used today adds complexity to tinting, and reformulating to achieve exact color matching can cost money and time. Hostatint SI, has been engineered to eliminate reformulation across base types while ensuring the highest pigment quality and batch consistency.

  • Pigments Finder

    Identify exactly the right product for your application and requirements. We offer one of the widest selections of colorants – right across the spectrum.



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