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Clariant offers different ranges of dyes that help answering the specific requirements of the industrial coatings industry.

Dyes are soluble in the medium in which they are applied. Compared to pigments, they frequently offer higher brilliancy and color strength. However, in many cases, durability and fastness properties are below the level offered by pigments.

The main applications in coatings are transparent finishes and effect finishes (e.g. glass finishes, bicycle and motor-cycle effect finishes), wood stains, transparent foils lacquers and packaging coatings.

Our Savinyl dyes are suitable for wood stains and paints based on polar solvents, whereas our Solvaperm, Polysynthren and Hostasol dyes which are polymer soluble dyes are used primarily for plastics but are also suitable for powder coatings.


Solvaperm Range

High-quality polymer soluble dyes that are developed for coloring polystyrene (PS) and its derivatives. They are also suitable for a wide range of other polymers including thermoplastic polyesters, polycarbonates and polyamides.

Hostasol Range

Fluorescent colorants suitable for PS, SAN, ABS, PC, PMMA and U-PVC. Some possibilities exist for the coloration of various grades of polyamide and in thermoplastic polyester applications. They have excellent resistance to heat and migration in the recommended polymers and good light fastness in transparent colorations.

Polysynthren Range

Polymer-soluble colorants for the coloration of thermoplastic polyester. They provide intensely colored, brilliant shades with outstanding fastness properties. The main applications are PET fibers, filaments and bottles. Polysynthrens are also applied in other technical polymers, however pre-testing is required.

Savinyl Range

Savinyl dyes are solvent soluble metal complex dyes with excellent solubility in polar organic solvents like alcohols, ketones and glycol ethers and have good overall fastness properties.