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Industrial Coatings


Clariant offers a complete range of pigment preparations for use in solvent- and water-based industrial coatings, from general purpose to high performance applicaitons. Our Hostaint A 100 and Hostatint A 100-ST pigment dispersions for industrial coatings are produced with narrow tolerances for shade and color strength to ensure consistent and repeatable tinting and to meet the desired color, effect, and durability requirements in the most demanding applications.

Visit our HOME OF PIGMENT PREPARATIONS homepage with overview of our full product range of pigment preparations for architectural and decorative coatings, wood and industrial coatings.

Hostatint A 100 Range

Solvent based organic and inorganic pigment preparations, designed for industrial paint applications, containing an aldehyde carrier resin that has virtually universal compatibility with all types of solvent based coatings.

Hostatint A 100-ST Range

Metallic and mineral effect shades are popular for industrial applications. Our »super-transparent« Hostatint A 100-ST pigment preparations enhance such effects with color intensity similar to that of dyes, while having very high light and weather fastness with no migration or bleeding.

The Hostatint A 100-ST range contains pigments which have no halogens (chlorine or bromine) in their molecular formula. Bright green shades can now be formulated to meet the restrictions on halogen content in the electronics industry. Supplementing the well-established range of Hostatint A 100, the ST-preparations are based on a widely compatible aldehyde resin and a solvent with a flash point above 100 °C. This results in safer transportation, storage and handling.

Visit our Hostatint A 100-ST homepage with overview of our full product range.