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Decorative Color Trends 2021

"New Freedom"

2020, we found ourselves in the midst of a unique time and this has led to the biggest limitations to our freedom. We lost the freedom to work from anywhere we want, and we lost the freedom to go and travel wherever we want. Every one of us is currently adapting to a „new normal, a new freedom“ way of being, working, living in this world.

People need color inspiration, ideas, rooms and spaces that embrace this new situation. Against this backdrop, our Technical Marketing team for Coatings has recently been busy exploring a palette of trendsetting colors for consumers to identify with.

Have a look at the Decorative Color Trends 2021 – “new freedom” and read on to learn more about our color trends 2021 palette. From cool and calming through to sunny side up and nature, light and dark, there is a look to suit all tastes.

All colors of the 2021 palette have been formulated with our Hostatint 500 range, which deliver technical design freedom in water-borne and solvent-borne technologies.

For more information, please contact Franziska Hammerl, Segment Head Decorative and Wood Coatings, Global Technical Manager Coatings at Clariant.

Decorative Color Trends 2021 - "New Freedom" Color Palette

Clariant Image Farbuebersicht_ColorTrends2021_HR 2021


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Decorative Color Trend of the Year 2021 - Wabi-Sabi

Wabi-Sabi grey, with soft violet undertones, is inspired by Japanese aesthetics and the concept of appreciating the beauty found in the imperfections of nature. It is an imperfect grey that can be combined perfectly with any other color.

Clariant Image Wohnzimmer 9 Wand komplett wabi sabi HR 2021
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