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LHC range Product Range:


The LHC range consists of high quality, low halogen controlled pigments and dyes to support industries to reduce their halogenated substances levels.

Click on the product names in the table below for further details.

Product name Color Index Pigment

> Graphtol Yellow H2R-LHC

P.Y. 155


> PV Fast Yellow H3R-LHC

P.Y. 181


> PV Fast Orange 6RL-LHC

P.O. 68


> PV Fast Red B-LHC

P.R. 149


> PV Fast Pink E-LHC

P.R. 122


> PV Fast Blue A4R-LHC

P.B. 15:1


> PV Fast Blue BG-LHC

P.B. 15:3


> Polysynthren Yellow RL-LHC

P.Y. 192


> Solvaperm Red 2G-LHC

S.R. 179