Pigment Preparations Product Range:


Clariant offers the pigment preparation ranges Telasperse and Hostaprint for the coloration of PVC and the Hostasin range for Rubber. Pigment preparations are made up of finely dispersed pigment particles in a polymeric or polymer compatible material and are often used in dispersion critical applications.

Click on the product names in the table below for further details.

  • Product name Color Index Pigment

    > hostaprint YelloW gg

    P.Y. 17


    > hostaprint YelloW h4g

    P.Y. 151


    > hostaprint YelloW hg



    > hostaprint YelloW hr

    P.Y. 83


    > hostaprint YelloW hgr

    P.Y. 191


    > hostaprint YelloW h2r

    P.Y. 139


    > hostaprint orange h4gl

    P.O. 72


    > hostaprint red hFg

    P.O. 38


    > hostaprint red b

    P.R. 149


    > hostaprint red d3g

    P.R. 254


    > hostaprint red hF2b

    P.R. 208


    > hostaprint carmine hF4c

    P.R. 185


    > hostaprint red e5b

    P.V. 19


    > hostaprint pink e

    P.R. 122


    > hostaprint Violet rl

    P.V. 23


    > hostaprint blue a2r

    P.B. 15:1


    > hostaprint blue b2g

    P.B. 15:3


    > hostaprint green gg

    P.G. 7


    > hostaprint broWn rl

    P.B. 41


    > hostaprint broWn hFr



    > hostaprint black l

    P.B. 7

  • Product name Color Index Pigment

    > hostasin YelloW gr 30

    P.Y. 13


    > hostasin YelloW HR 30



    > hostasin orange g 30

    P.O. 13


    > hostasin red b 30



    > hostasin red hF2b 30



    > hostasin blue a2r 30

    P.B. 15:1


    > hostasin green gg 30

    P.G. 7

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