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In the E&E sector, choosing the right coloration for your products can be tricky – a balancing act between brilliant aesthetics, safety, and sustainability. PVC cables are an important market: colorants need to fulfill specific requirements, including low dielectrical values and excellent dispersion. In this sector, requirements for purity levels of colorants often exceed legal regulations: we can help you find exactly what you need for your applications.

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Coloration of PVC cables

PVC still has the highest share in cable production, even though new materials, including XLPE, are continuing to develop strongly. Besides powder pigments, we offer PVC preparations under our brand name Telasperse PVC. Telasperse PVC is a phthalate-free preparation that has been developed for the coloration of plasticized and non-plasticized PVC. Easy to use, in free-flowing powder form it provides an excellent non-dusting, easy-dosing colorant; in granular form it provides an economical solution for the coloration of cables. We can create tailor-made specific shades to match your requirements exactly.

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Color solutions for OEMs

OEMs in the E&E sector have tough requirements and usually require low halogen controlled (LHC) pigments and dyes in their devices. For the coloration of polyamide, which is widely used in these applications, we’ve developed a special range of organic pigments and polymer soluble dyes which offer sustainable, safe solutions to support your compliance with increasingly stringent legal regulations and specific industry standards. We can also help you fulfill the demand for low-halogen controlled products, with our comprehensive product range of high-quality LHC colorants, to allow you to comply with industry guidelines and supporting efforts to reduce the industry’s impact on the environment.

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