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Colorants for latex: based on pigments in compliance with specific US regulations

  • Colanyl Red E3B 130

    Colanyl Red E3B 130 is a binder-free, aqueous pigment preparation based on nonionic and / or anionic wetting and dispersing agents and propylene glycol. The product has a pourable and pumpable consistency and is suitable for dosing machines. Because of the moderate durability, it is suitable for interior use only.

  • Cosmenyl Blue OC 100

    Cosmenyl Blue OC 100 is a pigment dispersion of approx. 38% pigment and is based on anionic dispersing and wetting agents and glycerine. The Colour Index of the basic pigment is Pigment Blue 15:1. Cosmenyl Blue OC 100 is recommended for the coloration of personal care products, esp. soap bars and cosmetics. The product can also be used for the coloration of fabric & home care products, stationery, woodstains, viscose and latex applications.

  • Colanyl Green GG 531

    Colanyl Green GG 531 is an aqueous binder-free pigment preparation manufactured without using alkyl phenol ethoxylated (APEO) additives. This aqueous pigment preparation is compatible with water-based low VOC and VOC-free decorative coatings.* * As defined in EU directive 2004/42/EC, annex II, phase II. VOC standards and regulations vary by location. Product specific VOC information is available to customers upon request. It is the responsibility of the coatings manufacturer to determine standard compliance and appropriate claim for their products.