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Colorants for Personal Care Products


Color influences shopping choices, especially when it comes to the crucial first impression. We make decisions in seconds – and those seconds can make or break a brand. At Clariant, we offer attractive colorants for use in Personal Care formulations, including shampoos and cosmetics. They are available in pigment powders and preparations (aqueous dispersions based on pigments), granules as well as liquid and powder dyes, and comply with international regulations and safety standards.

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Colorants for rinse-off products

A shampoo is a shampoo – or is it? The undecided shopper, faced with the huge array of products jostling for position on the shop shelves, will probably reach for the one with the most appealing appearance. Our extensive portfolio of colorants for Personal Care products has been specially developed for the reliable coloration of toiletries and cosmetics, including liquid and bar soaps, shower and bath gels, shampoos and conditioners, and body paints. Cosmenyl™ aqueous dispersions and Sanolin™ dyes create brilliant colors which can be safely used for the coloration of rinse-off products, in liquid, paste and powder form end applications, fulfilling different regulations for cosmetic products. For more details, please see product information.

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Colorants for oral care products

Colors are powerful triggers, especially when they are associated with products that we put in our mouths. It’s a fact, for example, that we tend to associate cool-colored products with reliable, hygienic, healing properties: the colorants work in combination with the fresh-tasting liquid or paste to suggest increased cleanliness. That is why most colorants for oral care products – toothpastes, mouth washes and rinses – are colored in appetizingly fresh blues, greens, and reds. Our wide range of Cosmenyl™ aqueous dispersions and Sanolin™ dyes can improve the sales appeal of your products, allowing attractive effects, stripes and colors, while also fulfilling stringent international safety standards.

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Colorants for leave on products

Skin-cleansing products, masks, creams and decorative cosmetics that are left on the face for a certain time need to be colored in colors we can trust. Many come in floral pastel shades, conveying the promise of the soft, velvety texture we hope the cosmetics will bring to our skin. Our Cosmetic range of pigments and our Cosmenyl™ range of aqueous dispersions adhere to different cosmetics regulation, meeting strict specifications for heavy metal and aromatic amine contents, as well as for microbiological purity. For more details, please see product information

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