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Specialty Printing Applications

durable pigments with
excellent fastness

Clariant offers a wide range of high-quality colorants for specialty printing applications, such as decorative lamination, currency, security, and custom wallpaper production. In fact, we have a reputation for manufacturing colorants that meet specific industry demands in terms of consistency, durability and excellent fastness properties.

Decorative Lamination

Our high-performance pigments for decorative laminate inks are used in a range of applications, including furniture and flooring. As high-traffic materials, they are held to a high industry standard for durability. Our wide range of colorants not only meet this requirement, but also deliver top-quality design and consistency. As a result, our pigment technology displays excellent light fastness, heat stability and bleeding fastness in melamine resin.

Clariant Image Speciality Printing Applications Decorative Lamination 202108

Currency & Security

At Clariant, we also have rich experience in manufacturing custom pigments for security printing applications. Through strict protocols and processes, we ensure high-quality consistency and strict confidentiality, both of which are paramount in this business. Products recommended for special security ink applications include high-performance pigments, which offer high fastness towards light and media such as alkali, acid, soap and other solvents. Specific product recommendations can also be produced on request.

Clariant Image Speciality Printing Applications Currency and Security 202108


Clariant’s products are ideally suited for demanding printing applications, such as decorative wallpapers for various surfaces. We offer a wide variety of pigments that meet the specific light fastness, bleed characteristics and durability demands of the wallpaper industry.

Clariant Image Speciality Printing Applications Wallpaper 202108

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