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»My greatest pleasure is to see that so many improvements are happening in our pigment plants and sites. Our business achievements, no accidents and employees making progress give immense satisfaction. This happens when there is a clear direction and discipline. Being disciplined also generates additional values.
We all have the desire for India’s economy to grow and want it changing for the better. One of my passions is energy conservation and low-cost manufacturing. India is a very competitive market for pigments, and our competitors are often small manufacturers who expend much less efforts on environmental standards.
Last year we renewed the concept of energy conservation and together with Clariant Production System’s savings we contributed significantly towards cost reductions and this also gives me lot of satisfaction. I cannot rest at the periphery but always have to get to the core of the issue, whether you give me an apple or a problem, I would break them both into small components until I have understood everything.
My father worked for the railways; he was a track specialist. He said: Abhijit, whenever you perform any work, ensure that you complete it with quality and to customer expectations. I always keep this in mind, very well knowing that if I compromise in the area of quality it may lead to misfortune and especially in the chemical industry this can do severe damage. I had a wonderful father; and I often spent my vacations going out with him on the tracks, which gave me a lot of general understanding of the way things work in life.
Unfortunately, I am the same at home; there is always a specific spot for an item and an item for every spot — perfection. And what my father passed on to me I would now like to pass on to my son. We frequently take long walks together and I believe he understands me quite well. He is 22 years old and attends the university; he would like India to be successful, which will generate more jobs.«


»The first thing that I need when I come home from work is a steaming hot cup of tea and a newspaper. It helps me unwind and switch off after a long day at work.
Working closely with the Managing Director’s Office is a complex job and challenging at the same time. I am from Srinagar, but did my higher education in Mumbai and decided to make it my home. I like the buzz that Mumbai offers and feel that no other city in the country has that. Also,it is more professional than any other part of the country.
The stress at work has increased, but it is a positive stress. It is related to internal changes; no one can disregard this. I love everything about it, because it presents me with more challenges. Once in a while my friends complain that I am not talking much with them. They will just have to wait until the weekend. Then we travel to South Mumbai and go dancing together.
I have a small, but very close circle of friends who are more like family to me. And most of my weekends are busy with them. Watching movies, mall hopping, clubbing and short road trips is what our weekends look like. My friends and family are most precious to me. When we love someone, we should do it without expecting anything in return. That is my mantra for peace and happiness. I am myself quite a roadie and luckily my husband is one too. We love travelling by road and although we`ve already undertaken quite a few adventures, the list is long.«


»I have enjoyed my career path very much over the years. I had the opportunity to develop various areas and was given the freedom to pursue my own path. At the same time, I allowed my employees some freedom. It is very easy: I trust my employees and they trust me in return. We work with the sentiment that it is not for someone who pays us, but because it is our purpose.
I believe that people who want to be leaders need a certain amount of flexibility. In my case, I started at the operational level. When I switched to a technical and subsequently to a sales position, I had to think differently immediately in order to develop new skills. An excellent training program – »Emotional Intelligence« – was very helpful to me. Furthermore, we can always learn something from others who are good at their work.
Emotional intelligence is a powerful instrument. Even though you may have a good product, a good brand – in the end, it is always the people who understand the creation of value and customer relations who make a difference. But we need a team of diverse people. If a cricket team only has good batsmen, it will not win. Some are aggressive sales people; others tend to be analytical. We need the right combination for long-term success.
On a typical day, my workday ends at 7:00 pm. I go home, take a bath, and three days per week I meditate. This meditation lasts about 30 minutes and brings a lot of inner peace. You sit down, follow the instructions of the guru from an audio recording and separate yourself from your daily cares. At the end your body is filled with a good amount of positive energy.
My most important task is to remove barriers for my employees. Everyone comes to the office in the morning to accomplish something positive. If they don’t succeed, it is my responsibility as a superior to identify the obstacles. Or to teach my employees how they can accomplish this themselves. That is all one needs to know.«


»When I started working at this factory I was 22, 23 years old. That was 35 years ago. Meanwhile, the work has become more pleasant and also safer. Today, we have many more regulations, and if we inquire about something it is available immediately. The atmosphere has greatly improved; I like that.
I have three daughters and am very happy with that. I didn’t necessarily need to have a son. I am happy with what God gives me.
One daughter works for the government, she is a teacher. One lives with her husband in Yemen. All of them have a good education. The company helped me to earn the necessary money for this. Two of my daughters are married. Once the third one marries I will be relieved.
I have taken over some rice fields from my ancestors. My father and grandfather worked in them as well. We harvest approximately 600 kilograms of rice per year. I have never had to buy rice in my entire life. In the past, my three daughters helped in the fields; now one of my brothers helps out. Or a few paid workers. I also have two bulls.
I have always explained my type of work to my daughters. But they never attended the special day during the year when families are allowed to visit the factory. I am very proud of them. My family, my friends: I wish all of them a good life. I have always prayed for that.
Two years ago, I won a company drawing for a trip to Germany and Switzerland. My wife and I spent ten days there, in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Zurich. We liked Berlin the best. Everything was so clean and quiet there. I remember the many churches we visited. It was a noble feeling to sit there.
Next year I will retire. Then I can spend more time in the rice field if I stay healthy. And I would like to travel to Singapore with my wife, my daughters and their partners. My friends have told me that this is the best place in the world.«


»I take my work very seriously, regardless of my position, which does not matter to me much. It is more important to me to spread this message: Be as conscientious as possible, but do not be in the illusion that you will achieve happiness with more money and a higher position. On a spiritual level only you can become permanently happy and satisfied. I have spread this concept everywhere I worked.
When I worked in the area of basic research for this company, all my chemists would come to my office in the morning. We used to dwell upon verses from the holy books like Bhagavadgita, and I explained to them what it was about. Only afterwards did we discuss our work. I was fortunate that my superiors allowed me to do this and even encouraged me. It created an ever-increasing harmony, leading to unprecedented successes.
Now my work is predominantly to assess the products for their possible adverse effects. If we detect something risky, we caution users so that people, machines, and the environment are well protected. Everyone handling chemicals should know what kind of risks and dangers are related to the chemicals they handle.
My colleagues always honored me more than my designations or ranks and came to me with private questions for holistic solutions. I always took time for this because I believe it to be my most important responsibility as a person. If you remain pure and honest, your colleagues will go out of their way for you. All the more I have to make sure that they do right things.
I get up at 3:30 in the morning and start my day by spiritual practices such as reading Holy Books, chanting, meditations, or yoga. I make notes on how I understand the texts. Meditation on breathing slows down thought processes. Once your thought processes have stopped, true knowledge comes on its own.
I am not at all for short-term happiness, I believe in sustainable success. Ethics is the basis for this. A more important factor for success of any organization is, however, the contentment of its members. If employees are content, a company grows automatically.«


»It is my responsibility to improve energy efficiency at all locations in India. In the past, the main emphasis was placed on the factories in Roha and Cuddalore. We focused on conserving water, because energy consumption can also be reduced by this. Water is very precious, particularly in India. The next challenge will be the new plant in Vashere.
The local population already has an awareness of this topic. Since I arrived here 25 years ago from Hyderabad with a bag full of testimonials, the level of interest in this regard has increased. Even for me. As a young project engineer, my only thoughts were of how to increase productivity. Over the years I have learned how important sustainability is. And instead of merely talking about it, we are implementing it.
I also transfer these ideas to the home we purchased. Look here, these small lights; they only use about five Watts per hour. This is not ideal for reading, but provides very interesting lighting. I will switch all our lighting to this. I have already installed LED lights in the hallways of the house. Right now, the committee of homeowners is discussing solar panels.
When we conserve energy, we also do it for the next generation. My son reminds me of this frequently. If I don’t shut off the car at the stoplight, he asks: Why are you wasting fuel? He is attending college to become an engineer for computer technology. The competition is fierce, but he is doing very well. When he comes home, we go out to eat and do some shopping together. My family is my inspiration; every evening I take a long walk with my wife.
Initially, I wanted to become a pilot; it’s too late for this now. The closest I ever came to flying was during an appointment in Bangkok. You can see the photo here on the wall: Here is the speed boat, and here the paraglider. You are pulled upwards and move as quickly as the boat. It was fantastic.«

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