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»For me, appreciation in professional life is appropriate compensation. That’s probably why I’m in managerial accounting. But also not being taken advantage of as a trainee or intern. It’s also important for people to be able to combine their profession with their private hobbies. My great passion is dancing. I’ve been doing it since I was five years old.«

– Larissa von Olnhausen,
Regardless of whether you’ve studied science, engineering, or business: our structured program for university graduates will prepare you for a future career in your field. On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about the program, the requirements you need to fulfil, and where your journey with us might lead you. If you then wish to apply, you can check our job board for current openings.

What is precious to you?

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    »Show us your interest and your skills, and we’ll give you the chance to maximize your potential.«

    – Michael Riedel, Head of Group HR

    Dear graduate,
    I want to tell you about something that could radically alter your personal and professional life: the Clariant International Graduate Program. We developed it specifically to help us realize our strategy of sustainable growth. It’s an ambitious goal. To achieve it, we need smart young professionals: people like you. Ambitious individuals who want to develop their full potential and put it to work for a multinational group like Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals. Join us, and you’ll be taking your first step into an exciting future, where you can look forward to learning and developing in an inspirational environment. We’ll take you out of your comfort zone into dimensions guaranteed to make you grow. As an individual, and as a professional. That’s the deal. By helping each other, we can grow together. But before we explain more about the program and how we can help you expand your horizons, we’d like you to look at the comments by three very different individuals who have benefited from Clariant’s programs of excellence. Perhaps it will inspire you.

    Best regards,

    Michael Riedel

  • It is the result of Passion and People around you

    »Opportunities for talent«

    »I started my career in 1983 with the Hoechst Specialty Chemical Business, which Clariant acquired in 1997, because there was an offer of a related program. I was very happy to be admitted to the program. It was an excellent foundation for my further progress and I’ve never regretted the decision. The CIGP will help us to hire talented graduates around the world and I’m convinced it offers great opportunities for talent joining us. I’ll definitely volunteer to be a mentor.«

    Michael Grosskopf, Head of BU Additives.
    After holding a variety of marketing-related positions in Europe and Asia, Michael became responsible for different Business Lines. He became head of our Business Unit Additives in 2010. 

    »My learning curve is steep«

    »By moving through the various program modules, I gained a better knowledge about our different Business Units and a great overview of Clariant. A certain readiness of mind is necessary to quickly learn the ropes in different projects and tasks; my learning curve is steep. Besides, when you participate in a program like this, you enjoy high visibility and are able to build your own personal network quickly and easily.«

    Dr. Tao Wang, Program participant 2013.
    Tao joined the Program in 2013. She holds a PhD in biochemistry. 

    »Build a sizeable network«

    »After completing my studies in business administration, I started with Clariant in 2005 as a participant in the Graduate Program. The program helped me to obtain a deep insight into different work disciplines within Clariant. I was also able to build a sizeable network within the company, from which I still benefit tremendously today.«

    Iris Nagl, Program participant 2005.
    After roles in Controlling and Supply Chain Management, she became a member of our Corporate Planning & Strategy team. 

  • We could give you several thousand reasons. Because that’s the number of employees we have worldwide. And they all have their own reasons for being part of our company. For some, it’s the international environment: we have offices in over 90 countries, so cross-border cooperation is part of regular daily business for us. For others, it’s the wide choice of tailored educational opportunities, ranging from individual global training programs to leadership seminars, the Talent Management Program and the Clariant Academy. Whatever your reason, we’ll give you the chance to map out your own career path.

    But there’s more to it than that. We actively encourage our people to make the best of their talents. With us, you assume responsibility for challenging tasks early on. This, in turn, can open the door to long-term career prospects. Many of our people say the Clariant Excellence philosophy of innovation, optimization, and efficiency is central to their employment experience. Clariant Excellence influences everything we do, how we do it, and everything we hope to achieve.

    But one of the principal reasons for joining Clariant is that your achievements will receive the recognition they deserve. We are keenly aware that the knowledge, abilities, and dedication of our employees are the foundation of our success. Join us and experience an inspiring, convivial and, we dare say, unique working atmosphere. And at the same time, find out your answer to the question: »What is precious to you?«

    Clariant’s culture centers around »Appreciation« with its brand values Performance, People and Planet. 

    Only when
    we achieve the right balance between
    • cost-effectiveness,
    • people orientation, and
    • environmental goals

    can we guarantee ecological, economic, and social performance.

  • Because, like you, we have our ambitions and aspirations. Our aim is to be the world’s leading specialty chemical company. To achieve it, we need to make operational excellence part of our corporate culture, to set ourselves apart from the competition and create above-average value for our stakeholders.

    Business Units with above-average profitability in attractive, fast-growing markets are the future hallmarks of a corporate value system in which innovation in technology, products, and applications leads to sustainable business success.

    Today, Clariant has four distinct Business Areas (BA) that give us the focused approach we need to generate high-quality end-market exposure, and enable us both to serve growth markets and to respond actively to major trends. 

    Care Chemicals

    includes Industrial & Consumer Specialties, Food Additives, and our future Industrial Biotechnology business. It demonstrates a clear focus on highly attractive, high margin, and low cyclicality segments. The BA follows a lifestyle-driven megatrend and strengthens Clariant’s image of being a supplier of green and sustainable products.

    Catalysis & Energy

    The Business Area Catalysis & Energy develops, manufactures, and sells a wide range of catalyst products for the chemical, fuel, and automotive industries and produces materials for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The BA is the smallest within Clariant but is highly profitable with high growth rates and low cyclicality.

    Natural Resources

    includes Oil & Mining Services and Functional Minerals businesses and is characterized by high growth, low cyclicality, and a strong megatrend orientation. Main drivers are the rising demand for high-value added specialty chemicals used in the oil, mining, food, and packaging industries, and increased consumption of oil, gas, and base metals, driven by the fastgrowing economies.

    Plastics & Coatings

    includes Additives, Pigments, and Masterbatches businesses. The BA has a large exposure to Europe and, as such, is subject to lower growth and to economic cycles. Main drivers are the increasing use of plastics with tailor-made properties in applications such as mobile phones, cars, construction, as well as the rising consumption of plastics in line with increased wealth.
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    The Clariant International Graduate Program (CIGP) is a little like doing a post-graduate degree. With one major difference. Instead of focusing on your specialization, you’ll obtain an overall view that will fit you for a general management role in the future.

    CIGP is a 24-month program, divided into four six-month modules, designed to attract outstanding university graduates in chemistry, engineering, or business studies. It is based on the rotation principle, which means you’ll gain a broad overview of the Group and be responsible for clearly defined projects. We’ll also ensure that you spend six months abroad, where you can refine and expand your linguistic and intercultural skills. A senior manager – your personal mentor – will accompany you throughout the program. At the end of each separate module, you will receive honest, perceptive, and constructive feedback from the person who has been responsible for supervising you. We want you to know that we are keen to see you progress, and to secure your loyalty when the program is over. The focus of the program is on our growth regions, but there will be occasional openings in other countries. The aim is to provide us with a pool of regional talent and potential future leaders. And to get your career off to a flying start in an international environment. 

  • Job rotation
    Rotation through different departments within the company is a central element of the Graduate Program. This will be your chance to gain an overview of the organization, build up a network, and glimpse horizons beyond your own special area. In each six-month module, we will make you responsible for a technical or business-related project, depending on your field of study and interest. Trainees are not obliged to follow a predefined path or specific modules, but there will be a clear focus on one of your strengths, be it R&D, process engineering, or business studies.

    Off-the-job education
    You will spend a total of about 15 days in seminars or workshops, improving your personal skills. These might include career- and self-management, project management, cultural awareness, and problem-solving techniques. Or something completely different. The content will be defined by your needs. During this time, you will meet other program participants as well as key stakeholders. You will learn more about Clariant’s mission, vision, our values and organization.

    On-the-job development
    During the various modules, you will be assigned to different projects. We will encourage you to take responsibility for these projects and work closely with your colleagues from other areas. Your involvement in day-to-day business will give you an in-depth insight into your department or business unit. Your line manager will coach you, provide feedback, and keep track of your development.

    A member of senior management will be your mentor, advising you and lending a guiding hand as regards questions or concerns about your career or projects. After each module, you will have a feedback session with your supervisor, where the main focus will be on your progress and development.

    Your time abroad
    For six months, you will live and work in a country that is very different from your own. This will not only expand your intercultural experience, but also help you to build an international network within Clariant. Your specialization will usually determine the location chosen for the time you spend abroad.

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