Job Categories

  • Auditing

    Auditors perform Corporate Audits in the entire Clariant Organization. By joining Clariant as an auditor, you’ll help us perform corporate audits across the entire organization and play an important role in continually assessing and improving our processes.

    Business Management

    Group of Positions responsible for Business Planning, Strategy and Merges & Acquisitions. Business managers are responsible for overseeing and supervising a Clariant activities. They are visionary thinkers who develop, evaluate, strategize, and put into operation measures to make a company successful. All Business Units heads belong to this group.


    In order to let the world know about us and what we stand for, you’ll promote our brand image and ensure that key external stakeholder groups and corporate media organizations understand the Clariant brand. This group comprises all the positions related to external and internal communications. Its aim is to improve the understanding and the image of Clariant with key stakeholders.

    General Administration

    This varied area ranges from micro-level administration (involving support responsibilities for office and site management, for example), through providing business support at country or regional level, to assisting with the management of legal entities at the global level.

    General Management

    This group includes all the Region or Country heads, responsible for the respective businesses.

    Human Resources

    Employees, whether current or future, are the focus here. HR Corporate/Group deals with global HR, whereas HR Administration and HR Competence Centers offer their services at regional and country levels. This groups supports talent needs, management of pay and benefits programs, administration of performance and career development programs.

    Investor Relations

    Investor relations has developed dynamically over the last few years and it is impossible to imagine it not being a significant function at Clariant, considering our international shareholder base. It offers considerable support and is therefore directly involved in value creation. The department is devoted to handling inquiries from shareholders and investors, as well as others who might be interested in Clariant's stock or financial stability, and is capable of integrating finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance.

    Marketing & Product Management

    In Product Management you will oversee a product or product group portfolio across its life cycle, whereas in Key Account Management you will strengthen relationships with our most important customers. If you have a creative flair, join our Marketing team and provide us with marketing intelligence, devise and implement marketing strategies, and improve customer relationships. You may also take on a role in Marketing and Business Support, where we provide general customer service on many levels.


    Talented individuals who join this group, make an important contribution to the company’s success, whether by providing internal support in Sales Administration for pricing, sales, and business management measures, or by assisting Sales Management in your own particular segment.


    This group comprises areas such as Accounting, Global Treasury, Tax, and Finance. Major tasks performed in Accounting include recording and reporting transactions, maintaining controls, and preparing financial statements. Global Treasury optimizes the Group’s financial structure and results. In Tax, you’ll see to our tax planning and help the company adapt its structures to current market conditions. Finally, Finance is concerned with all other local and regional financial activities.

  • Application Development / Technical Service

    Application Development jobs focus on the improvement of existing products and application techniques or development of new ones. Technical Service is oriented towards the customer’ to assist with company's products & services. Its aim is also to provide technical expertise prior or mainly after the product delivery to assist our customers for best usage of company's products.

    Research & Development

    In one, powerful word: INNOVATION. Researchers, developers, creative engineers, and scientific professionals will thrive in our R&D areas. If you decide on this job group, you will play a major role in defining the future of our company. R&D professionals, within our many businesses, play a pivotal role in discovering and developing breakthrough chemistry - products, technologies, and solutions - that really add value for our customers.

  • Procurement

    Procurement’s objectives evolved far beyond the traditional role of “purchasing goods and services in response to internal needs”. New strategic objectives make our Procurement a world-class organization, such as understanding the business operational requirements, managing processes and supply base efficiently and effectively, developing strong relationships with other functions and BUs and overall supporting Clariant’s goals and objectives.

    Production & Technology

    Production Management, Site Management & Production Services, Technology, Engineering & Maintenance, Operations in Site Plants, and Quality Management offer a diverse array of job opportunities. What they all have in common is that they aim to improve the processes, technology, and quality of our production.

    Supply Chain

    Supply Chain Management focuses on meeting one central challenge: getting the right product at the right place at the right time. Our employees in this area are committed to supporting procurement for the entire Clariant Group. Plant Logistics and other operational logistic functions are also a major part of the Supply Chain umbrella.

  • Corporate Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs

    If you’d like to gain insights into fields that are extremely important to us, then consider working in Environment, Health, and Safety. Or, if you prefer a role in Product Stewardship, you’ll manage the health, safety, and environmental aspects of a product throughout its entire life cycle. System Management, meanwhile, involves certification, auditing, GMS database, documentation, and training, whereas Sustainability/Advocacy promotes corporate sustainability and related advocacy topics.


    In this department we’re looking for people who can help us find our way through the legal jungle. Our Legal Department is responsible for legal services on different organizational levels. Patent management, which is mostly performed at the corporate level, is an extremely important legal area, as is Corporate Compliance.

  • Information Technology

    Do you speak IT? Then welcome to our IT Department! Join our IT infrastructure or immerse yourself in the field of IT Service Management – either way, both your colleagues throughout the whole organization and our clients will benefit from your expertise on a daily basis.

  • Clariant Excellence

    Clariant Excellence was initiated as the key initiative to “change the way” Clariant works and to make the achievements sustainable. Continuous improvement coupled with cultural change characterizes the Clariant Excellence (CLNX). Based on the well-known LeanSigma approach, this holistic method involves all Business Units and is primarily designed to improve competitiveness by increasing efficiency and generating added value for Clariant customers.

    After just three years, Clariant Excellence has already become a successful model, and its implementation across all departments and functions has produced significant results. The objective is to continue to expand this success story in the years to come. Clariant Excellence is a key building block for implementing our Group-wide strategy concept for generating sustainable profitable growth. The initiative brings about a cultural change at Clariant. It puts us in a position to be able to respond flexibly to the dynamic changes in the globalized world.

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