Asia Pacific

  • Ferntree Business Park, Notting Hill

    Clariant (Australia) Pty Ltd
    Notting Hill Site
    Level 3, 3 Acacia Place
    Ferntree Business Park
    296-324 Ferntree Gully Road
    Notting Hill, VIC 3168

    Phone: +61 3 8562 3300
    Fax: +61 3 8562 3333

    Opened in Q4 2014, the Notting Hill site is the head office for Clariant Australia. Sales, Marketing, Finance and Business Support functions are located at this site.

    Lara Site

    Clariant (Australia) Pty Ltd
    Lara Site
    100 Heales Road,
    Lara, VIC 3212

    Phone: +61 3 8562 3300
    Fax: +61 3 5274 9279

    The Lara plant houses production, laboratory and warehousing facilities. Amongst Lara’s production include high-quality PIBSA based emulsifiers for explosives, the Lara plant will support the continued growth of Clariant in the Asian region.

    Sydney Site

    Clariant (Australia) Pty Ltd
    Sydney Site Kings Park Industrial Estate
    4 Coronation Avenue
    King’s Park, NSW 2148

    Phone: +61 3 8562 3338
    Fax: +61 2 9679 8309

    Open in Q4 2014, Clariant Australia’s Masterbatch plant, working closely with Clariant’s New Zealand Albany site, will bring fully customizable and technical advanced color and additive masterbatches tailored to local customer requirements.

    Australia, Melbourne

    Level 3, 3 Acacia Place
    Ferntree Business Park, 296-324
    Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill
    VIC 3168, Australia

    Phone (61) 3 8562 3300
    Fax (61) 3 8562 3333
  • Beijing Branch Office

    Clariant Chemicals (China) Lt.d Beijing Branch Office
    Beijing 100027, P. R. China
    Room 3C-1, Tower D, Fu Hua Mansion
    No. 8 Chaoyangmen North Street
    Dongcheng District
    Beijing 100027, P. R. China

    Tel: (86) 10 6554 2118
    Fax: (86) 10 6554 2126

    Clariant Chemicals (China) Ltd. Beijing, founded on 15th October 2007, is built to serve the parent company in consultation and business association.

    Beijing Distribution BAA

    Clariant Redhill Bentonite (Liao ning) Co., Ltd. Beijing, Distribution BAA
    Lucky Tower A 1306,
    3 Dong San Huan Bei Lu,
    ChaoYang District,
    Beijing 100027, P.R. China

    Phone: (86) 010 84487021
    Fax: (86) 010 84487014


    Clariant Pigments (Tianjin) Ltd.
    Tianjin, P. R. China
    Guihua No.2 Road
    Bohai Fine Chemical Industrial Park
    Dagang Petrochemical Industrial Park
    Binhai New District, Tianjin
    300270, P. R. China

    Tel: (86) 22 6323 3737
    Fax: (86) 22 6323 3738 / 39

    A joint venture established in May 2011 by Clariant International Ltd. and Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry Company. It is specialized in production of solid pigment preparations and liquid pigment preparations applied in coating, plastics and other specialized industries.


    Clariant Specialty Chemicals (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd.
    Jiangsu Province 212132, P. R. China
    No.39 West Lin Jiang Road
    New District Zhenjiang City
    Jiangsu Province 212132, P. R. China

    Tel: (86) 511 8596 6612
    Fax: (86) 511 8696 6596

    The surfactants plant in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China is built in 2009 to serve the domestic demand from the personal care, metal working, industrial biocides and textile industries. The 50,000 m2 site is situated in the International Chemical Industry Park, which has a well-developed logistics infrastructure connecting the park with the local market. The Multi-Purpose Production Plant has a capacity of 22,000 tons of products per year.

    Shanghai Headquarters

    Clariant Chemicals (China) Ltd. Shanghai Headquarters
    No.2, Lane 168, Linhong Road
    Changning District
    Shanghai 200335, P.R.China

    Tel: +86 21 2248 3000
    Fax: +86 21 2248 3840

    Founded on March 02, 1995, Clariant Chemicals (China) Ltd. is located in Shanghai.

    In 2010, Clariant relocated its regional business and service headquarters of Greater China to Shanghai Hongqiao Linkong Business Park.

    Clariant manufactures dyes, chemicals; pigments and addictives; colorants, masterbatches; surfactants and fine chemicals in the application of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and electronic industries and to sell self-manufactured products and provide technology, consultation and after-sales services of products to relevant companies.

    Shanghai Masterbatches

    Clariant Masterbatches (Shanghai) Ltd.
    No. 88 Lane 4377 Jin Du Road
    Xinzhuang Industrial Park
    Shanghai 201108, P. R. China

    Tel: +86 21 5442 6515
    Fax: +86 21 5442 7961

    Founded on 28th November 2003, Clariant Masterbatches (Shanghai) Ltd. is built to manufacture masterbatches (including additive masterbatches), plastic colorants and property modifiers. It sells self-manufactured products and provides related technical as well as after-sales services. The company imports and exports the aforesaid commodities (excluding dangerous chemicals) and offers other related ancillary services.


    Hangzhou Baihe Clariant Pigments Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang, P. R. China
    Nong Yi Chang Town,
    Xiaoshan District,
    Hangzhou 311228
    Zhejiang, P. R. China

    Tel: (86) 21 2248 3000
    Fax: (86) 21 2248 3480

    The new plant is built on the basis of the existing joint venture in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province,China. The new world-scale plant in Hangzhou specializes in the production of Quinacridone specialty organic pigments. Quinacridone organic pigments increasingly find a wide application in high-performance coatings—including architectural, automotive and industrial applications as well as plastics and printing applications.


    Clariant Chemicals (China) Ltd. Shenzhen Branch Office
    Shenzhen 518067, P. R. China
    15C, New Times Plaza
    No.1 Tai Zi Road, Shekou
    Nanshan District
    Shenzhen 518067, P. R. China

    Tel: (86) 755 2668 7555
    Fax: (86) 755 2667 9431

    Clariant Chemicals (China) Ltd. Shenzhen Branch Office is built to serve the parent company in consultation and business association.


    Clariant Chemicals (Huizhou) Ltd.
    Daya Bay Petrochemical Industrial Park
    Huizhou, Guangdong Province
    516082, P.R. China

    Tel: (86) 752 310 5001
    Fax: (86) 752 310 5002

    Founded in 2009, the plant is located in Huizhou Daya Bay Petrochemical Industrial Park, Guangdong Province with the main business on production and sales of chemical additives and surfactant. The plant hosts groundbreaking ceremony in September 2009 and production is expected to start in 2011.


    Clariant Chemicals (Guangzhou) Ltd.
    No.2 Nan Yun San Road
    Science City
    Guangzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
    Guangzhou 510663, P. R. China

    Tel: +86 20 2820 2203 (Sales)
    Tel: +86 20 2820 2222 (Admin)
    Fax: +86 20 2820 2100

    Started on 10th July, 2006, Clariant Chemicals (Guangzhou) Ltd. develops, produces and processes new products of and technology for catalytic agent, auxiliary and additives, the commercialization processing technology for dyes and pigments, the high-tech chemicals for electronics, paper-making, leather chemicals, oil field auxiliaries, surfactant, water treatment agent as well as the specialty textile and chemical fiber laddering auxiliary, oil preparation agent and dye-stuff; The company sells self-manufactured products and provides related technical support, test consultation as well as after-sales services.


    Lufeng Clariant Chemicals Ltd.
    Kunming, P.R. China,
    Postal Code: 650032
    Room 613,6/F, Block A,
    One Meter Sunshine,
    328 West Ring Road, West,
    Kunming, P.R. China,

    Tel: (86) 871 4158011
    Fax: (86) 871 4620639

    A state-of-the-art phosphorus pentoxide plant will be built in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China and is scheduled to go on stream in the third Quarter 2010. The new facility is a joint-venture between Clariant and its partners Kunming GaoHeng Huagong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., an established Chinese manufacture of yellow phosphorus and Yunnan Panchem Company Ltd., a long-term partner of Clariant focusing on logistic services. Clariant will contribute the manufacturing know-how and handle the sales of P2O5 from the new plant, through its international sales organization.

    Hong Kong

    Clariant (China) Ltd. in Hong Kong
    Hong Kong. P.R.China
    Level 9, Tower 1, Metroplaza,
    223 Hing Fong Road
    Kwai Chung, New Territories
    Hong Kong

    Phone: (852) 2406 4111
    Fax: (852) 2407 6046

    Situated in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, Clariant (China) Ltd. deals in colors and dyes.


    Clariant Chemicals (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.
    Taipei 10489, Taiwan, R. O. C.
    5/F., No. 96, Chien Kuo N. Road., Sec. 1
    Taipei 10489, Taiwan, R. O. C.

    Tel: (886) 2 25166886
    Fax: (886) 2 25055588

    Taipei 33068, Taiwan, R. O. C.
    No. 30 Hsing Pang Road, Taoyuan
    Taipei 33068, Taiwan, R. O. C.

    Tel: (886) 3 3615936
    Fax:(886) 3 3634464

    Established on 17th October 2003, Clariant Chemicals (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture and wholesale in special chemicals, pigments, cleaning agents for textile and other industries, additives and adjuvants. The comapany manufactures and sales masterbatches as well.

    Shanghai Catalysts

    Clariant Catalysts (Shanghai) Ltd.
    No.18 HaiJin Road,
    Second Industrial, Jin Shan District,
    Shanghai, 201512, P.R.China

    Phone: (86) 21 57266660

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    Liao Ning

    Clariant Redhill Bentonite (Liao ning) Co., Ltd.
    Qingfengshan, Jianping,
    Liaoning Province, 122429, P.R.China

    Phone: (86) 0421 7444010/12/62
    Fax: (86) 0421 7444156


    Clariant Huajin Catalysts (Panjin) Ltd.
    Hongqi Street, Shuangtaizi District,
    Panjin City, Liaoning Province,
    124021, P.R. China

    Phone: (86) 0427 5855154
    Fax: (86) 0427 5855947


    Jiangsu Süd-Chemie Performance Material Co., Ltd.
    Changshu, Production/Distribution
    BPE 18 Zhujing Road,
    Southeast Development Zone, No. 1
    Changshu Province, 215500,

    Phone: (86) 0512 52358789
    Fax: (86) 0512 52358719


    Clariant Specialty Chemicals (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd.
    Zhenjiang, Production/Distribution
    BAA, BFR, South of Yinhe Road,
    Zhenjiang New District,
    Jiangsu Province, 212132, P.R. China

    Phone: (86) 0511 8337878
    Fax: (86) 0511 8337878


    Clariant Catalysts (Nanjing) Ltd.
    299 Zhanshui Road, Luhe District,
    210048 Nanjing, 210048, P.R.China

    Tel: (86) 025 57060606
    Fax: (86) 025 57025689


    Block n° 4
    Tang Hong industrial zone, Shijie Town
    523307 Dongguan
  • India Registered Office

    Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
    Clariant India Limited
    Reliable Tech Park, Gut No.31
    Village Elthan, Airoli
    Off Thane-Belapur Road
    Navi Mumbai - 400 708

    Tel: +91 22 71251000

    India Registered Office

    Clariant Medical Specialties India Limited
    8th floor, Reliable Tech Park, B/H Reliable Plaza
    Airoli, Off Thane-Belapur Road
    Navi Mumbai - 400 708

    Tel: +91 22 71251000

    Ahmedabad Branch Office

    Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
    H.K. House, 2nd floor
    Ashram Road
    Ahmedabad - 380 009

    Tel : +91 79 26580496 / 26582755
    Fax : +91 79 26588175

    Kolkata Branch Office

    Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
    Rawdon Chambers, 2nd floor
    11A Sarojini Naidu Sarani
    Kolkata - 700 017
    West Bengal

    Tel : +91 33 22875903, 22896295/96
    Fax : +91 33 22876980, 22896298

    New Delhi Branch Office

    Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
    102 Hans Bhawan
    Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
    New Delhi - 110 002

    Tel : +91 11 23379229 / 8458
    Fax : +91 11 23378226

    Chennai Branch Office

    Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
    1st Floor, SKCL-Design Square, S 11 & S 12
    Thiru–Vi–Ka Industrial Estate
    Guindy, Chennai – 600 032
    Tamil Nadu

    Tel : +91 44 3351 2100

    Roha Site

    Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
    113/114 M.I.D.C. Industrial Area
    A.V. Roha, A.V.P.O. Dhatav
    Taluka Roha, District Raigad - 402 116

    Tel : +91 2194 263513
    Fax : +91 2194 263515

    Vashere Site

    Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
    Renaissance Industrial & Warehousing Complex
    Unit No.B-07, Mumbai-Nasik Highway
    Village Vashere, Post Padgha
    Taluka Bhiwandi, District Thane - 421 101

    Tel : +91 252 2308901 

    Cuddalore Site

    Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
    Kudikadu, SIPCOT Post
    Cuddalore District
    Cuddalore - 607 005
    Tamil Nadu

    Tel : +91 4142 239100 / 103
    Fax : +91 4142 239218

    Cuddalore Site

    Clariant Medical Specialties India Limited
    Survey No.170/5, 170/3 & 169/1
    Kudikadu, SIPCOT Post
    Cuddalore District, Cuddalore - 607 005
    Tamil Nadu

    Tel : +91 4142 395825

    Rania Site

    Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
    (formerly Masterbatches Business of Plastichemix Industries)
    Rania Works, Survey No.344/1/2/3
    Village Rania, P.P. Sarkarda
    Savli, Panchmahal - 389 330

    Tel : +91 2667 244212 / 2667 244515 / 2667 244514
    Fax: +91 2667 244349

    Nagda Site

    Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
    Plot/Phases No.378/2/2
    Durgapura Colony Road
    Birlagram, Nagda - 456 331
    Madhya Pradesh

    Kalol Site

    Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
    (formerly Masterbatches Business of Plastichemix Industries)
    Kalol Works, Shed No.18-22
    GIDC Estate, Kalol
    Panchmahal - 389 330

    Tel : +91 2676 236840
    Fax : +91 2676 235673

    Bonthapally Site

    Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited
    Survey No.202, 207A, 207/E & 207/AA
    Hyderabad-Narsapur Road
    District Sangareddy - 502 313

  • Tangerang Site

    PT Clariant Indonesia
    Tangerang Site
    Gatot Subroto KM. 4
    Jalan Kalisabi No. 1
    Kecamatan Cibodas - Tangerang
    Banten 15138

    Phone: +62 21 553 8589
    Phone: +62 21 553 8590
    Fax: +62 21 552 0390

    Head office of PT Clariant Indonesia. Established in 1990 as a production site for Specialty Chemicals, Dyes, Optical Brighteners, Pigment Preparations and Masterbatches.

    Sumatra Site

    PT Clariant Indonesia
    Gedung Tjokro Wisan Bersama
    Jalan Raya Duri - Dumai Km 9
    Kulin, Duri
    Kecamatan Mandau
    Kabupaten Bengkalis
    Riau 28884, Sumatra

    Phone: +62 765 560222
    Fax : +62 765 560222

    Sumatra Oilfield Operation Center

    Bogor Site

    PT Clariant Adsorbents Indonesia
    Jl. Raya Narogong km 14
    Pangkalan 10
    Desa Limusnunggal, Cileungsi
    Bogor 16820 - West Java

    Phone: +62 21 823 0124
    Phone: +6221 82497445 (ho)
    Phone: +62 21 824 0743 (f)
    Fax: +62 21 823 0584

    The factory acquired in 1991. In 2003 the Head office of PT. Sud-Chemie Indonesia moved to this site. The factory produces bleaching earth and alkaline products, coagulant under BU Functional Minerals.

    Sukabumi Site

    PT Clariant Adsorbents Indonesia
    Cimapag, Kec. Lengkong

    Phone: +62 266 646 1015
    Fax: +62 266 460 297

    The 1st factory of PT. Sud-Chemie Indonesia. Established in year 1987-1988, commercial operation mid of 1989. The factory only produce bleaching earth and coagulant for waste water treatment, under BU Functional Minerals.

    Medan Site

    PT. Clariant Adsorbents Indonesia
    Jl. Pulau Pinang
    Kawasan Industri Medan Il-Mabar
    Medan 20242

    Phone: +62 61 6871038-41
    Fax: +62 61 6871037

    The factory established in year 2001, produces bleaching earth under BU Functional Minerals.

    Cikampek Site

    PT. Clariant Kujang Catalysts (CKC)
    Kawasan Industri Kujang
    Jl. Jend. A. Yani No. 39
    P.O. Box 55
    Cikampek 41373
    West Java

    Phone: +62 264 318473
    Phone: +62 264 318488
    Fax: +62 264 318474

    Production site for BU Catalysts.

    Jakarta Site

    PT. Clariant Kujang Catalysts (CKC)
    Menara Bidakara 2, 6th floor - Suite 601
    Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 71 - 73
    Jakarta Selatan 12870

    Phone: +62 21 83701020
    Phone: +62 21 83701719
    Fax: +62 21 83700410

    Product distribution for BU Catalysts.

  • Tokyo Head Office

    Clariant (Japan) K.K.
    Bunkyo Green Court, Center Office 9F
    2-28-8 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku,
    Tokyo, JAPAN 113-8662
    Service Units (Phones)
    HR : +81 3 5977 7906
    Finance : +81 3 5977 7902
    IT Service: +81 3 5977 7953
    Procurement : +81 3 5977 7856
    Logistics: +81 3 5977 7930
    ESHA: +81 3 5977 7916
    Business Unit (Phone)
    BU Industrial & Consumer Specialties :
    +81 3 5977 7934

    Clariant Plastics & Coatings
    (Japan) K.K.
    Bunkyo Green Court, Center Office 9F
    2-28-8 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku,
    Tokyo, JAPAN 113-0021
    Business Unit (Phones)
    BU Pigments: +81 3 5977 7924
    BU Additives: +81 3 5977 7943
    BU Masterbatches: +81 3 5977 7929

    Clariant Catalysts (Japan) K.K.

    Bunkyo Green Court, Center Office 9F
    2-28-8 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku,
    Tokyo, JAPAN 113-0021
    Phone: +81 3 5977 7300
    Fax: +81 3 5977 7889

    Clariant in Tokyo

    Clariant (Japan) K.K. has been headquartered in the Bunkyo Green Court building in Tokyo since Clariant's integration of Hoechst Japan in 1997. In 2012, Clariant Catalysts (Japan) K.K.'s head office also relocated to the Bunkyo building, at which point their administrative functions were integrated. In 2016, as the Plastics and Coatings business units were separated and became Clariant Plastics & Coatings (Japan) K.K., the Tokyo head office serves as the fully integrated head office for all three Clariant companies in Japan, and as the main sales departments for the Industrial and Consumer Specialties, Catalysts, Pigments, Additives, and Masterbatches Business Units.


    Clariant Plastics & Coatings Japan K.K.
    Shizuoka Site
    BU Pigments Production
    BU Pigments Technical Centre

    Clariant (Japan) K.K.
    Shizuoka Site
    BU ICS Production
    BU ICS Technical Centre 
    3810 Chihama, Kakegawa city,
    Shizuoka 437-1496 JAPAN
    Phone: +81 537 72 6501
    Fax: +81 537 72 6537

    Productions and Technical centres of BU Pigments and BU ICS

    Clariant's Shizuoka site was first established as a reactive dyestuff and intermediate production site for Kasei Hoechst Co. Ltd. in 1967, before Hoechst's operations were integrated with Clariant's. Today, it serves Clariant's Pigments and Industrial and Consumer Specialties Business Units. The Shizuoka Pigments Plant primarily produces high performance AZO pigments for use in coating, plastics and printing applications, while the ICS plant produces surfactants and formulated products for applications in detergents, cosmetics, functional fluids, industrial functional chemicals and metal work.


    Clariant Catalysts (Japan) K.K.
    BU Catalysts Production

    635 Sasakura, Fuchu-machi, Toyama-shi,
    Toyama, JAPAN 939-2753
    Phone: +81 76 466 2181
    Fax: +81 76 466 2400

    BU Catalysts Technical Center
    635 Sasakura, Fuchu-machi, Toyama-shi,
    Toyama, JAPAN 939-2753
    Phone: +81 76 466 2726
    Fax: +81 76 466 2802

    Production and Technical Centre of BU Catalysts

    The Toyama site belongs to Clariant Catalysts (Japan) K.K. and was first established in 1964 as a venture company between Nissan Chemical Industries, which still owns 38.6% share of the company, and Chemetoron in Louisville with Girdler catalyst technology. Having several times of company name change, it was last known as Sud Chemie (Japan) K.K. until it became a part of the Clariant group in 2012.

    The Toyama site produces many types of catalysts for use in the petrochemical, styrene and olefin, specialty catalyst and syngas industries. The Toyama site is one of the largest producers of tablet products in all of Clariant, and is home to Clariant's third-largest technical center worldwide.
  • Clariant in Korea

    As a world’s leading specialty chemical company, Clariant is actively doing business in Korea through Clariant (Korea) Ltd. and Clariant Plastics & Coatings (Korea) Ltd.

    Our portfolio is designed to meet specific needs of customers with focuses on business areas: Catalysis, Plastics & Coatings, Care Chemicals and Natural Resources. We are continuously innovating and developing solutions to create values for our customers from many industries.

    More information can be found in https:/www.Clariant.Com/Korea

    Pohang Head Office

    Clariant (Korea) Ltd.
    527, Okmyung-ri, Daesong-myun, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, GyungSangbuk-do
    South Korea

    Tel: +82 54 278 2141
    Fax: +82 54 278 2147

    Seoul Office

    Clariant Plastics & Coatings (Korea) Ltd.
    11F Yundang B/D, 144-23 Samseong 2-dong,Gangnam-gu, Seoul
    South Korea

    Tel: +82 2 510 8300
    Fax: +82 2 514 5747/4147

    DaeGu Office

    Clariant (Korea) Ltd.
    DaeGu office: 11F MBC Bldg, 400 Dongdaegu-ro, Daegu
    South Korea 

    Tel: +82 53 745 3446 ∼7

  • Malaysia Head Office

    Clariant (Malaysia) SDN BHD &
    Clariant Oil Services (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

    No. 79 & 80, Hicom Sector B,
    Jalan Teluk Gadung 27/93A,
    40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul

    Tel: +60 35 101 2888
    Fax: +60 35 101 2881/2

    Head office of Clariant Malaysia with trading site for Pigments, Additives, and manufacturing and trading of Masterbatches Plastic. Sales and Marketing for BU Oil & Mining services and also serves as the regional headquarter for BU OMS in Asia Pacific region.

    Butterworth Site

    Clariant Masterbatches (Malaysia) SDN BHD
    Lot 1232, MK. 15, Kawasan Industri
    Kecil & Sederhana, Simpang Ampat,
    14120 S.P.S., Penang, Butterworth

    Phone: +60 45 88 06 68
    Fax: +60 4588 05 90

    Manufacturing and trading of Masterbatches plastic.

    ASEAN Technical Application Center & Center of Excellence for Oil Services business

    ASEAN Technical Application Center
    Jalan Kapar, 27/89,
    Taman Alam Megah
    40400 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul

    Phone: +6 03 5192 2128
    Fax: +6 03 5191 6944

    ASEAN Technical Application Center (ATAC) situated near to the Clariant head office in Shah Alam provides the technical support to Business Unit Pigment ASEAN.

  • Albany Site

    Clariant (New Zealand) Ltd
    Albany Site
    4 Rothwell Avenue
    Albany Industrial Estate
    Auckland 0752

    Phone: +64 9 914 55 66
    Fax: +64 9 914 55 65

    Head office of Clariant (New Zealand) Ltd. Sales & Marketing and Business support functions for both Masterbatches and polymer trading are located at this site.

    Panmure Warehouse

    Clariant (New Zealand) Ltd
    Panmure Warehouse
    21-39 Jellicoe Rd
    Panmure 2102
    New Zealand

    Phone: +64 9140289
    Fax: +64 4141493

    Warehouse predominantly used for the storage and distribution of polymer products.

  • Karachi Head Office

    Head Office Clariant Pakistan Ltd
    1-A/1, Sector 20,
    Korangi Industrial Area
    Karachi, 74900

    Phone: 111 275 000
    Fax: 5032337
    Korangi site is located just 10km from the airport & about 15km from the seaport and serves as headquarters of Clariant Pakistan Ltd. Corporate services located here located here include: Finance; Human Resources; Information Technology; Legal; Procurement; Supply Chain Management, Communications.

    The Korangi site is also home to the major Business Units including Masterbatches production facilities, Laboratory and Marketing Head Offices.

    Korangi Scientific Centre

    Korangi Scientific Centre houses the testing, applications development and & Product Safety for Textiles, Leather, Paper and Emulsions business. It also contains the training centre for textile and leather industry where University students and technicians from the industry are provided advance level of training. The scientific centre is equipped with most modern high tech and sophisticated equipment run by highly qualified staff.

    TNB Site

    Clariant Chemical Pakistan (PVT) Ltd
    Katar Bund Road Off Multan Road Thokar Niaz Baig
    54500 Lahore
    Phone: +92 42 111 275 000
    Fax: +92 42 54 212 94

    This site serves as the sub-headquarters for the Northern part of the country and also serves as Head Office for the Paper business.
    Masterbatches has a Rapid Response Unit (RRU) installed here for quick service to the customers in this region.

    Clariant Pakistan Ltd.

    1-A/1, Sector 20,Korangi Industrial Area,
    Karachi / Pakistan

    Tel: +9221 111275000


    Clariant Chemical Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited.
    Katar Bund Road Off Multan
    Road Thokar Niaz Baig
    Lahore-54500 - Pakistan

    Tel: +92 42 111 275 0
    Fax: +92 42 5434332/ +92 42 5421294
  • Representative Office of Clariant (Philippines) Pte Ltd

    Clariant (Philippines) Corporation
    Unit 1001, 10/F South Centre Tower,
    2206 Market Street,
    Madrigal Business Park, Alabang
    Muntinlupa City 1780
    The Philippines

    Phone: +632 805 7951

    The main business is marketing, sales and provide technical services for BU Masterbatches (color concentrates for Plastics Industry).
  • The Synergy, IBP Site

    1 International Business Park
    #08-01-04 The Synergy
    Singapore 609917

    Phone: +65 6563 0288
    Fax: +65 6563 0200

    Head office of Clariant Singapore. Sales & marketing and business support functions for non- Masterbatches business units as well as business service functions are located at this site.

    Chin Bee Site

    Clariant (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
    Masterbatches Division
    No. 8 Third Chin Bee Road
    Jurong Industrial Estate
    618684 Singapore

    Tel: +65 6265 5866

    Fax: +65 6265 7897

    Production, lab and sales site for MB.

  • Clariant (Thailand) Ltd. Bangkok Site

    Clariant (Thailand) Ltd. Bangkok
    Head office
    3195/11, 6th Floor
    Vibulthani Tower 1
    Rama 4 Road, Klongton, Klongtoey
    Bangkok 10110

    Phone: +66 (0) 2 106 7500
    Fax: +66 (0) 2 661 4064

    Clariant first established its legal entity in Thailand under the name of “Sandoz” in 1990, and subsequently changed its name to “Clariant” in 1995.

    In 1997, Clariant had relocated its office to Vibulthani Tower 1 Building, which is situated on Rama 4 Road. The sales team of Business Units Additives, Emulsions Detergents & Intermediates, Functional Minerals, Industrial & Consumer Specialties, Pigments and the Business Services are located at this site.

    Bangpoo Site

    Clariant (Thailand) Ltd. Bangpoo
    851 Bangpoo Industrial Estate,
    Soi 11, Moo 4, Sukhumit Road,
    Tambol Praeksa, Amphur Muang
    Samutprakarn 10280

    Phone: +66 (0) 2 106 7580-82
    Fax: +66 (0) 2 709 3181

    It is a production plant including laboratories for Functional chemicals and warehouse.

    Thailand Masterbatches

    Clariant Masterbatches (Thailand) Ltd.
    Head Office
    700/848 Moo 1,
    Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate (Phase 8)
    Tambol Phanthong, Amphur Phanthong
    Chonburi 20160

    Tel: +662 109 8400

    Fax: +663 893 9500

    Clariant Masterbatches (Thailand) Ltd was formerly registered as Drycolor Pacific since 1986, and joined Clariant Group in 1997.

    The Business Unit Masterbatches, its production, laboratory, warehouse and the Polymer Additives Technical Center are located at this site.

    Clariant (Thailand) Ltd.

    3195/11, 6th Floor Vibulthani Tower 1 Rama 4 Road
    Klongton, Klongtoey
    10110 Bangkok

    Phone: +66 2 106 7500
    Fax: +662 661 4064


    Clariant Plastics and Coatings (Thailand) Ltd.
    Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate (Phase 8), 700/848 Moo 1,
    Tambol Phan Thong,
    Amphur Phan Thong, Chonburi 20160,

    Tel +66 38 939 599
    Fax: +66 38 939 585
  • Representative Office of Clariant (Vietnam) Ltd in Thuan An

    Clariant (Vietnam) Ltd.
    Binh Duong Province
    03-05 VSIP Street 02, Thuan An Town
    Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

    Phone: +84 6503 743 162
    Fax: + 84 6503 743 163

    The representative office performs marketing activities for specialty products for business units including Masterbatches and Mining Services as well as other service functions are located at this site.

    Representative Office of Clariant (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. in Hanoi

    Clariant (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
    Room 1001A, 
    Giang Vo Lake View Building
    D10 Giang Vo, ba Dinh District
    Hanoi Vietnam

    Phone: +84 43 772 56 52
    Fax: +84 43 772 56 53

    The representative office in Hanoi is the sales office for BU Masterbatches. As a service hub for masterbatches in North Vietnam and from Hanoi to Hai Phong, the representative office in Hanoi provides relevant customer services and support to customers in the area. In addition, the office is also dedicated to exploring new market opportunities, as well as generating sales for BU Masterbatches.

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