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October 15, 2021
Clariant completes construction of first commercial sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol plant in Podari, Romania 

Clariant today announced the official completion of its sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol plant in Podari, Romania. The completed construction is an important next step for the commercial deployment of sunliquid® technology and thus supports Clariant’s sunliquid® licensing business strategy. The facility will be operational in the fourth quarter, producing cellulosic ethanol from agricultural residues.

February 02, 2021
Clariant and Harbin Hulan Sino-Dan Jianye Bio-Energy announce license agreement for sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol technology in China 

This agreement marks the second license deal for Clariant’s sunliquid® technology in China and its fifth signed license deal globally

December 02, 2020
Construction of Clariant's sunliquid® plant in Romania on track for completion by the end of 2021 

Clariant today announced that it is making good progress with the construction of its sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol production plant in Podari, in the southwestern part of Romania.

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