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Dear farmers

Farmers growing cereals have the opportunity to turn the straw left on the field, as a residue of agricultural activities, into a profitable resource, in the long run, by concluding a partnership with Clariant. The company's network of suppliers counts over 300 farmers. Be one of them!

What are the benefits delivered by Clariant?

  • Additional income, obtained by selling the straw to the company, but also by related services, such as baling, transport and storage;
  • Reduced expenses, by uncoupling shredders from harvesting combines;
  • Higher harvesting speed and lower risk of fire, by uncoupling shredders;
  • Limited spread of pathogens, by removing straw from the fields;
  • The land is cleared in only a few days after harvest;
  • Long-term cooperation with a prestigious international company.

Who can become a Clariant partner?

Any farmer in Dolj, Olt, Mehedinți and Teleorman counties or from other areas of Romania, who cultivates straw cereals.

What types of partnerships are available to farmers?

To join Clariant's supply chain, you may choose between two options:

Option 1: You decide to take over the entire supply chain in which straw is baled, transported and stored;

Option 2:You decide only to provide the straw (on the field) – in case you don’t have the required equipment and work force needed to deliver it to the plant.

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What do those who are already our partners say?

The collection of straw by Clariant brings multiple benefits to the farmers, both economically, and in terms of preparing the soil germination bed, on low fuel consumption. Farmers have the prospect of adding new activities to their farm and provide additional services such as baling, transportation and storage, all translated into additional sources of income. At the Caracal Agricultural Development Research Station, we manage an area of 2,500 ha, of which 1,300 ha are cultivated with straw cereals, especially wheat seed. We began our collaboration with Clariant back in 2018, having signed a multiannual straw collection agreement.ˮ - Marius Cătălin Bran, coordinator of the Caracal Agricultural Development Research Station, a subunit of the University of Craiova.

The partnership with Clariant is an extraordinary opportunity, as straw is removed from the fields and the land is left clear, so we can properly conduct our works. The initial contract was signed in 2018, for 200 hectares of straw, as we were a bit reluctant at first. Since 2019, entered an agreement for 400 hectares of wheat and we are consideringpurchasing baling and transport equipment, with the aim to continue the business on other chains with Clariant. The most important thing in Romania is the will to do.ˮ D. Ușurelu, farmer.

Contact us now!

Paul Popescu – Feedstock and Supply Manager
Phone: +40 720 067 001

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