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Our projects, our community


We are glad to share that Clariant’s project in Podari commune means more than a state-of-the-art plant, an innovative technology or important contributions that support the development of the entire region.

Each step of the way that we experience here, every day, is with and about people, for the future.

In this section you will be able to learn more about Clariant’s core values and how we select our colleagues, the projects carried out for the benefit of the local community, but also about the training opportunities and available positions.

Our offer, your benefits : Multicultural environment, international exposure, being part of a project that is one-of-its-kind, prestigious company, vision and stability.

Clariant's vision for Romania

Each of us contributes in a unique way to the success of the company, through his knowledge, involvement and motivation.

Clariant Romania means:

  • A strong team, formed by professionals who are building a successful career at home;
  • A work environment in which learning is continuous and merits are acknowledged and rewarded;
  • A collaboration based on trust and mutual respect, in which each employee has the chance to reach his maximum potential;
  • A job defined by stability and long-term opportunities.

Our team in Podari

We are happy to have remarkable people with us every day, from whom we have something to learn and whom we know we can rely on. We pay special attention to the training stages, so that each of us receives all the necessary support to be able to perform. The courses conducted in the plant that Clariant owns in Straubing, Germany, focused on the production area, but also those of IT, English and chemistry, carried out in partnership with the University of Craiova, offer a solid training base. In addition, the program is updated annually to keep pace with existing industry changes, but also with the real needs of the team.

We unite today's and tomorrow's generations

On June 1, 2021, we also received a beautiful example from Clariant's junior team – the children of the employees, who were invited to express, creatively, their vision about the Podari project and the parents' workplace. The drawings and models prepared were small works of art, which we proudly present whenever we have the opportunity.

Recent projects

Clariant Image Project 1 20220208

October 2021: Clariant in partnership with the association "Caps with soul" started a community engagement project, with the ecological theme "Every day is Earth Day", which took place between October and December 2021. In this project, the employees had a simple task: to keep all the plastic caps they used during that period and to bring them to the headquarters, at collection point. The caps were donated to the "Caps with Soul" association, which used the funds from the recycling to help social cases. This recycling and awareness initiative was launched simultaneously in 3 other locations - Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

Clariant Image Project 2 20220208

July 2021: 580 books of literature, history and general culture were donated to the library of the “Constantin Gheorghiță” Secondary School from Podari. The volumes were collected with the help of the 60 colleagues from the Clariant Romania team.

Clariant Image Project 3 20220208

April 2021: We contributed to the planting of 1,400 pedunculate oaks seedlings, during the "Tree Planting Month". The whole action was made possible thanks to the participation of 34 volunteering colleagues.

Clariant Image Project 4 20220208

December 2020: Surprise gifts made the holidays more beautiful for 20 families in the village of Podari and its surroundings. In addition to the items carefully chosen by the team, Clariant offered mugs, candy boxes and protective masks for the young and adults.

Clariant Image Project 5 20220208

April 2020: In a difficult sanitary context, we came to meet the people of Podari with two significant projects. The dispensary in Braniște village was completely renovated, in order to provide the much-needed medical services. At the same time, families in need received packages with products of strict necessity from Clariant, so that they could overcome those moments more easily and safely.

Clariant Image Project 6 20220208

November 2020: Community issues concern each of us. With the support of volunteers and collaborators, we carried out a sterilization campaign for puppies with and without owners, as well as an adoption campaign. A simple gesture, but with long-term benefits.

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