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Talking e-mobility: How to make electric vehicles safer and more sustainable in the future
In this video interview Antonio Nerone, Electrical and Electronic Market Manager at RadiciGroup, shared his expert knowledge on the future of e-mobility and the role of advanced materials with Clariant’s Laurentiu Pestritu.
Sustainability Shift – Episode 4: E-fuels
Welcome to Sustainability Shift, the Clariant Podcast. In this fourth episode, two industry experts will delve into the opportunities and challenges of innovations to scale up electric fuels.
Starting into a PTFE-free future – with a new texturing agent for powder coatings
Clariant is committed to bringing solutions to market that improve the overall health and well-being of society. In line with that commitment, Clariant has developed Ceridust 8170 M; a PTFE-free alternative texturing agent for powder coatings that delivers performance without the negative aspects of PTFE.
Sustainability Shift – Episode 3: Cosmetic ingredients
Welcome to Sustainability Shift, the Clariant Podcast. In this third episode, we'll hear from three experts discussing the opportunities and challenges related to the sustainability shift in the cosmetics industry.
Empowering a bright new generation through education
A new Clariant initiative will support two annual scholarship awards for young adults, helping to cement this philosophy into the future of well-deserving students.
Elevating printing sustainability: navigating beyond PTFE inks
Sustainability challenges are driving the demand for PTFE-free additives as consumers increasingly look for more environmentally friendly alternatives such as Ceridust® 8330.
Sustainability Shift – Episode 2: Portfolio Sustainability Assessments
Welcome to Sustainability Shift, the Clariant Podcast. In this second episode, three industry experts discuss how chemical companies assess the sustainability performance of their portfolio, beyond climate change
Amazing Amazon – Join us on a journey to secret plants and natural treasures
Our new formulation concept »Be the explorer« captures the essence of the Amazon Rainforest's botanical riches while respecting the spirit of local communities.
On three!
Clariant works hard to reduce its carbon footprint. A particular focus is on scope 3, category 1 greenhouse gas emissions along the value chain.
Meet Adam Savin
Adam Savin works as a Tender & Contract Manager for our Business Segment Oil in Aberdeen. And whether at home or at the office, he was never one to shy away from a challenge. Quite the contrary, in fact – as he tells us in a personal interview.
Sustainability Shift – Episode 1: Living wages
Welcome to Sustainability Shift, the Clariant Podcast. In this first episode, three experts highlight current trends, future opportunities, and evolving policies aimed at promoting ethical and sustainable approaches in the implementation of living wages. They also explore how companies and suppliers collaborate to ensure fair compensation across supply chains.
Clean fuels
Clariant’s range of next-generation adsorbents help tap into more sustainable feedstocks for renewable fuels.