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Webinar: PLASTIWARD® – Re-thinking in-plastic protection for plastic medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging

Patient safety is the top priority in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry. What happens when a medicine/device is a fake? And how can you stop fake drugs from getting into your patients’ hands? Ensuring that patients only get the medicine they need requires full control of the value chain. In case of identified counterfeit medicines, it is critical to be capable of taking immediate legal measures to safeguard patients from harm. What is the solution? Protect your value chain from production through to the patient by bringing real-time authentication closer to the medication. Join our webinar to learn about the advantages of a complemented serialization approach and how easy and cost-effective PLASTIWARD® implementation is.

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You may have missed the first MPN webinar, “Taking a fresh look at counterfeiting in pharma and medical devices: from root cause to current solution”?

What you will learn about:
  • • the rising problem of counterfeiting in medical devices and pharmaceuticals from independent experts;
  • • how serialization helps with ‘track and trace’ but does not authenticate (tell you if what you have is real or fake);
  • • how the in-plastics security system PLASTIWARD® from SICPA and Clariant can help fill the gap as part of an ‘end-to end’, multi-layered approach.

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